Monday, April 12, 2010

The biggest tragedy is that it wasn't Stephen Harper and his crew of misfits.

Pondering the recent airplane crash in Russia that killed the president of Poland and 95 others, one can only think how useful it would have been if that plane had been loaded with Stephen Harper and his coterie of useless, corrupt hacks and hangers-on. What a shame.

Cue totally predictable Canadian right-wing outrage in three ... two ... one ...


Niles said...

That would just leave a vacuum that would be filled with the 'rightful' remainders by the pity vote.

If you think it's Saint Ronny was perfect at this and Saint Ronny was amazing at that, just pray your idle wish never comes true.

I'd rather have them alive and having political aneurisms in public where everyone can see the fits. (which would be a lot more entertaining if the opposition parties looked up 'opposition' and started slinging the truth without fear for their own backsides)

Besides, it just denigrates the dead in Russia. Who, I'm sure, had their political enemies and no doubt even now are undergoing both beatification and sourcing conspiracy theories about who killed *really* them.

But, since I suspect your real point was free speech for me and not for thee, congratulations on your amazing mimicry. You caught Ann Coulter's accent to a tee.

Unknown said...

ya know, for someone so against eliminationist rhetoric...

Patrick Ross said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Moon Rattled said...

Read this pointless column and vomit.

Can the Globe's columnists be any more vacuous?

Gene Rayburn said...

Fuck off Twatsy

KEvron said...

real edifying.


deBeauxOs said...

From the Globe and Mail piece: "That Ms. Palin and Ms. Guergis were both beauty contestants says three very simple things.

They’re ambitious; they’re opportunistic; and they’re vain. Which is why politics was so perfect for them, despite how their careers ended."

Stevie Spiteful is ambitious, he's opportunistic and he's vain.

And thank the goddess there are no photos of him wearing a Speedo while walking in heels.

Frank Frink said...

And thank the goddess there are no photos of him wearing a Speedo while walking in heels.

At least none that have surfaced to date.

Patrick Ross said...

Sure, Robbie.

Just keep on pretending that deleting my comments changes anything about your eliminationist rhetoric.

Does that false sense of security feel rather fleeting right about now, stalker boy?

Cameron Campbell said...

Patrick, could you please back up your allegations about him being a stalker on your blog?

Gallahad said...

Fuck off Patrick Ross.

You useless piece of shit.

I wish you had been on the plane that crashed.

What the hell is the matter with you?

You have been banned here, and a lot of other sites as well.

Getting lonely I suppose, with just the incoherent Canadian Sense, and the even more incoherent Mahmoud for company.

You are trash, and fucking useless.

You have no self respect, or dignity.

You know your comment will be deleted, but you consider it a victory, you got to post here at all.


Patrick Ross said...

ROTFL @ Cameron

Fuck, kid, you are a retard.

Almost magically retarded. But not quite.

DO feel free to drop me a line and let me know how Robbie's ass tastes.


Gallahad said...

You make my blood boil Patricia.

You have the nerve to call anyone a stalker.

After ETP, banned you you tried to post 50+ comments, that were deleted.

You use different IP addresses to try and fool blod adminisrators.

You hound CK.

You cry on your own blog that you have only been banned. because of your superior intelligence, which is a crock of shit and you know it.

Hell you even tried to impersonate Sparky, at one point.

You are a true sociopath and stalker, but you do not even recognize it.

People find you revolting, and reprehensible.

Go back to your tiny little corner of the world, where you belong.

Normal people have no use for you.

CC, just mocks you.

Still declaring victory I suppose, you are a fucking piece of crap, with not one redeeming quality.

Patrick Ross said...


Galahad, I think that magical weed you've been smoking between AD&D games has gone straight to your head.

You call it crying. It's actually pointing & laughing. But I'm touched that you would keep such close tabs on the whole thing.

I'm glad I make your blood boil, buddy. Anybody as lousy an individual as you are deserves the discomfort.

And say what you will about me. When I have a dispute with somebody, I leave their kids out of it.

Unlike some people.

Gallahad said...

Yes Patsy,

You see octagons, when everybody else sees triangles.

We elect our Prime Minister.

Going through the list of your lies, and filth would take days.

Your continual use of "ROTFL" as if you have scored a major victory.

You are a fucking useless piece of shit.

Your desperate need for attention.

Your infantile behaviour.

In the morning my posts will still be up, and yours will be flushed.

I almost feel embarassed for you, to come onto a site where you are reviled.

You have no self respect though do you Patsy?

Gallahad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick Ross said...


Well, Galahad, considering that I can produce political science writing that confirms that we do indirectly elect the Prime Minister...

You just go ahead and throw that predictable old hail-Mary pass.

By the way, for something that will really piss you off I invite you to tune into the Nexus tomorrow (8 AM mountain time) to learn who knows approximately diddly squat about the Holocaust.

Have a good one.

Gallahad said...


Tune into Nexus?

You can take Nexus, and shove it up your ass where it belongs.

The only two baboons, who pay attention to Nexus, are your bum buddies, Canadian Sense, and Mahmood.

We do not elect our Prime Minister, so you can also take your link, and shove it up your well used used ass.

Even after you have been throughly discredited,you still claim victory.

You are a douche bag, a fucker, and a piece of shit.

You wouldn't know the truth, if it smacked you in the face.

You are a psychpathic stalker, and a weirdo.

Have a nice life with your two bum buddies.

I do not intend to ever acknowlegde your existence again.

Fuck off

Cameron Campbell said...

"kid"? hahahhahaha... only in my dreams.

Moon Rattled said...

Patrick Ross is the troll, eh?

I can picture him now: 500 lbs of right wing lard, coated in Cheeto dust, in his mom's basement.

You can always tell a lamer by the number of times he repeats LOL.

Moon Rattled said...

This him?

What is it about the Reform-Alliance ideologues that they all look and sound exactly the same.

Sparky said...

Once again Patrick gets in pissing contests with people smarter than he is.
Will he ever learn?
Probably not.
I was hoping that we were done done with Mr. Ross and his idiocies... Obviously, I was mistaken.
It's so apparent that banning him doesn't work--the guy's the most pig-headed, obtuse cyber-stalker I've ever seen to date. No matter how many times he's shown that he's not welcome, he keeps coming back.
Meh, like any 5 year old throwing a tantrum, he wins when we react like this.

Gene Rayburn said...

but but but Garth Turner thinks Patrick is a great thinker...

/rolls eyes
/laughs uncontrollably.

Yet still he can't find a date.

Dr.Dawg said...

I probably shouldn't pile on--Patsy has enough problems of his own at the moment--but this is just so typical of his sleazy debating tactics:

I can produce political science writing that confirms that we do indirectly elect the Prime Minister...

Catch that? The insertion of the word "indirectly" there? Quick, he's getting away with the goalposts!

He's also such an egregious, stupid liar that one should really pity his vulnerability. For example, at his place he recently accused me of allying myself with a supporter of Ernst Zundel. That's a serious, if not actionable, charge. But a quick glance at my source indicates how dishonest Patsy is. It's worth a look.

The issue, arising on another site, was whether the gas chamber at Dachau was experimental or an actual part of the Final Solution. I argued for the former proposition.

My alleged "ally" (Baron) claimed there was no gas chamber at all. He was cited unfavourably by my source. Yet somehow, in Patsy's tiny mind, he becomes my source.

That's how Patsy rolls.

Sparky said...

I was going to point out that Pattie's got his knickers in a knot towards you, Dawg, but I thought it best to just leave him alone to stew...

deBeauxOs said...

Ah, the inevitable chicken-or-egg discussion about Splatrick.

Is he willfully and malevolently obtuse or is he simply stupid in the way that monocellular life forms are?

Crafty, yes. Stupid, you betcha.

Gallahad said...

Patricia, will see he hasn't been deleted, so he will take it as victory.

He will slither on over here sometime today, to declare as much.

Oblivious to the fact, that he couldn't even figure out CC's prank.

Also oblivious to the fact that he has once again been shown for the intellectual void that he is.

Grateful that he received some attention.

Metro said...

Sod ... It actually says "Cue totally predictable Canadian right-wing outrage in three ... two ... one ..." and someone swallowed it.

And my WV is "wingire."