Monday, April 05, 2010

Anything to get in front of a camera, eh, folks?

Jesus, anything for some publicity:

Families of fallen mourn at Kandahar

The families of nine Canadian soldiers killed in combat over the past four years made a solemn Easter weekend pilgrimage to Kandahar, ...

Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and uncles took part in a special ceremony Saturday behind the task force headquarters at Kandahar Airfield, where the faces, names and dates of the 141 dead soldiers are etched into a granite memorial...

Patty Braun, whose son Cpl. David Braun was died in August 2006, said she believes Canadian troops should stay in Afghanistan in some capacity until the tide has completely turned.

The trip to Kandahar was an important personal journey, she said.

"I had to come to the place where my son was last alive. And I needed to smell it. I needed to see. I needed to taste it. And I needed to hear it," said Braun, who wore the shemagh desert scarf that belonged to him and was returned with his personal effects.

Christ, talk about self-obsessed attention hogs. Whatever it takes to get some media coverage, is that it? I've never seen people enjoying the deaths of their loved ones so much.


Oh, wait, that wasn't me, that was Ann Coulter:

Coulter lambastes 9/11 widows in new book
Sen. Clinton calls statements a ‘vicious, mean-spirited attack’

WASHINGTON - New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton lashed out at Ann Coulter for a “vicious, mean-spirited attack” on a group of outspoken 9/11 widows, whom the right-wing television pundit described as “self-obsessed” and enjoying their husbands’ deaths.

Coulter writes in a new book, “Godless: The Church of Liberalism,” that a group of New Jersey widows whose husbands perished in the World Trade Center act “as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them.”

She also wrote, “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.”

Cue people who were just about to tee off on me for my monstrous, unconscionable cruelty and appalling lack of compassion suddenly going very, very quiet as they frantically search for reasons why it was OK when Ann Coulter did it.


thwap said...

Right now, I see Coulter as a self-pitying, whining loser.

Before she cancelled her own U of O gig, I thought she was a monster who at least had the courage of conviction to stay offensive.

Now i know she's just a pathetic crybaby.

Anonymous said...

Out of 141 deaths, they could only find 9 families that wanted to be part of a photo opt?

Nice to see that government arranged jaunt echoed some Conservative talking points... Coincidence? Of course not.

CC said...

I'm guessing the pre-screening phone calls went something like this:

"Hi, I'm calling from the Prime Minister's Office and we were wondering if, as someone who lost a loved one in Afghanistan, you'd like to accompany other family members on a trip there."

"Sure, that would be nice."

"First, we'd, uh, like your opinion on Canada's Afghan mission."

"Well, I have to admit, I'm torn ..."



Yeah, pretty much like that.

Holly Stick said...

Juxtapose this - new posters about our army in Afghanistan have just been released but not announced:

I think the blogger is right that it is very bad timing to release the posters right after Clinton's comments. But I am guessing that it was done because the families' trip was already arranged; and that, yes indeed, Harper will be trying to drum up support to stay longer as soon as he thinks we've forgotten he said no.