Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ah, the unintentional hilarity.

Blogging Tory "JoJo" presents us with the painfully obvious:

It’s tough to be a Catholic these days ...

And then we have the hilarity:

Yes, we must remember that we are all human beings – even those on a pedestal in Rome. And not all Catholic clergy are pedophiles.

Well, that's a relief, then.

, JoJo, here's a thought: When Christians yammer on ceaselessly about how their religious beliefs make them ethically, morally and spiritually superior to the rest of us, they don't simultaneously have the right to say, "Hey, we're only human" when they're caught fucking altar boys.

I'm just sayin'.

WTF? Here's commenter "Steph":

I think that Rev. Michael McGourty’s message is a very important one, not just for the Catholic church but for all denominations of Christianity and perhaps all religions. Whether it be corrupt televangelists or suicide bombers, certain members of a particular religion can give people a bad impression of the whole religion. Some are just using the label of the religion as a front but others are trying hard and failing. It’s important to remember that people are indeed human and do make mistakes, sometimes horrible ones, and that’s exactly why we needed Someone who was perfect to do what we couldn’t do on our own and pave the way to God for us.

So ... if I read her correctly, Steph is suggesting that it's a good thing for some Christians to be amoral, child-molesting monsters since that just emphasizes the sweet, sweet perfection of Jesus. And it helps win converts, too.

Is anyone else starting to get just plain creeped out by these apologists?


Mark Francis said...

Let's not forget their qualifier:

* These excuses do not apply to Muslims.

Moon Rattled said...

Is anyone else starting to get just plain creeped out by these apologists?

I've been creeped out for years.

This weekend I read two blog posts by former victims of sexual abuse by priests. Each said they've forgiven their abusers, don't blame the Church, and are able to appreciate the "good side" of their abusers. One person said as long as pedophilia is not a behaviour, he can't judge it. He also said pedophile priests are "in pain" and their sexuality is a "mystery" so who is he to judge. The hair stood up on the back of my neck reading that horseshit.

double nickel said...

Speaking of pedophiles, apparently Graham James was granted a pardon in 2007. WTF???

900ft Jesus said...

raping children isn't a mistake. It's a fucking brutal crime.

Metro said...

Why is it that the same people shrieking for moderate Muslims to disavow teh terizm are perfectly happy to watch moderate Christians sit silently or actively cover for child rapists?