Monday, April 12, 2010

Ah, civility, how I miss thee.

Regular readers here at CC HQ already know how Blogging Tory and Depends spokesperson Sandy Crux likes to chide the rest of us regarding, you know, civility, and decorum, and politeness, and crap like that. And yet ... and yet ... here's Sandy's sidebar:

And if one pops over to Jabba the Roy's, one finds his permanent reference to women as pigs:

In any event, Sandy would still like to lecture you on civility and decorum. Dr. Roy notwithstanding.


CK said...

And do you know where that little goody originated from?

None other than the Suzy ALLCAPS herself. Click on it over at Roy's page and it takes you to some code and then click home and voila! one of her websites.

I guess she doesn't have a very high opinion of herself.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic nuns over at Marianopolis College must be so proud at having the mudfortunate dr. roy on their alumni committee...

I wonder if he still would like them to name the gym in his honour?