Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh, look. Stephane is making a promise.

Apparently, there are cameras in the area:

Dion vows Liberals will block Tory bill that could reopen abortion debate

Um, yeah. Because we all remember how well that worked out last time.

Some advice, Stephane: less talk, more action. Seriously. We've heard enough vacuous bullshit out of you to last a lifetime. Now we want to see some results.

Think you can handle that?

LET'S BE CLEAR: If Dion actually gets his party to stop this thing dead in its tracks, well, good for him. But any leader whose party has been missing in action like the Liberals recently doesn't have the moral standing to indulge in dramatics like:

"I want to give my word to all the women of Canada that the Liberal Party of Canada is against to reopen woman's right to decide as a debate."

I don't need drama like that out of you, Stephane. All I want is a simple, low-key but firm, "Ain't gonna happen. End of discussion." And back it up. And until Dion builds up some street cred again, I don't want to hear shit out of him about how he's standing up for women. Or Canadians. Or whatever.

You get some victories under your belt, Stephane, Then we'll talk. Until then, you shut the hell up, avoid public pissing matches with the assholes in the CPoC, and just get things done.

Think you can do that?


Red Tory said...

Block passage = stall indefinitely in the Senate.

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

I think you have a point, CC, but, giving Dion the benefit of the doubt for a moment, while Harper has not necessarily shot himself fatally in the foot, he's at least done something akin to shaving off a few morsels with a paring knife with some regularity while Dion kept out of the way.

Am I too generous?

Reality Bites said...

It doesn't have to get to the Senate. As long as the unofficial whip is applied (AKA, let assholes like Tom Wappel do what they're going to do anyway and make sure the humans show up to vote no), this shouldn't have any more support than the the move to reopen the definition of marriage.

Chet Scoville said...

Since this is not a confidence motion, who knows? As I said at JJ's place, the Liberals might actually show up to vote on this one.

Mentarch said...

Chet: I'll believe it when I'll see it.

It's bad enough that we keep being served unrelentless B.S., lies, platitudes and "promises" by the Bushies and the Harpies ...

Let's just say that Dion looks like he is slowly morphing into just another incompetent BSer.

And that's not good at all when you are the opposition leader who is supposed to keep the BSing Harpies from wrecking further our country and its standing in the world.

Niles said...

Although, it's interesting that the direct villain of the piece, Harper and crew, are being bypassed in all this to focus anger on Dion and crew. As if we've given up saying Dracula is evil and are now hissing at VanHelsing for not stopping him faster.

Do we always expect a hero to arise in proportion strong enough to halt the villain before the countryside is wreaked with havoc? Does that work in a political forum? Or is it a manifestation of the positive side of the 'big daddy' complex?

Or do we need to be greater heroes in pushing the representatives in a political forum to get up on their hind legs and growl the way we want to hear it? How much of it is actual progressive leading and how much is getting ahead of the parade?

It's just something I've been mulling

Mentarch said...

"Or do we need to be greater heroes in pushing the representatives in a political forum to get up on their hind legs and growl the way we want to hear it?"

Exactly - this is what needs be done.

liberal supporter said...

I see this like the run up to the Iraq war. Continued calls for "action", even though it could make things worse (as Iraq is). At the time Saddam Hussein was contained, and not actually able to do much. They could have waited until he got frustrated and did something that would get the entire world onside to take him out. Instead the US rushed in with a handful of the willing.

Harper is contained. He and his party are getting frustrated too, and they are gradually showing their true colours. Notice how all the feel good stuff has been abandoned, now we see the DMCA, the anti-choice bill, and bungling in just about every area of government. They are out of ideas that they can do in a minority situation and are now trying to appease their base. The public is unconcerned because this government is in fact being held in check.

If you seriously believe Harper's stock will improve in the future, then the Liberals should defeat him now. Otherwise, he should be given even more rope, which it appears they are doing. The Bernier saga is just starting to stink, and will get worse. The goal is to defeat the Harper party resoundingly for a generation, not squeak into another minority.

Harper is contained. Not only that, he is scared to call an election. Though he passed a law on fixed election dates, he could credibly say he has lost the confidence of the House when the Liberals deliberately refuse to vote. If someone won't even show up and engage me, I can easily say I have lost their confidence.

It will get a lot stinkier before they are finally sent packing.

jj said...

Niles - In this case (Bill C-484), Dion does have a lot to answer for.

The thing passed 2nd reading by 14 votes. There were 28 Liberals who voted in favour of it -- therefore, without those Liberal votes, it would have died.

Dion should have whipped the vote or told the socons to take the day off.