Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dear wanks: How's that "surge" going?

Ah ... still surging, I see. You'll let us know when that surge thing is officially over, right?


zeppo said...

Ah well, what are your choices? McCain doesn't get the troop numbers right, Hillary wasn't being shot at in Bosnia and Obama's uncle didn't liberate Auschwitz.

CC said...

Quite right, zeppo ... the fact that it was Buchenwald, not Auschwitz just proves what kind of lying sack of pus that Obama guy is.

Seriously, was that an attempt at equivalence on your part?

CC said...

By the way, zeppo, you might be interested in what the military thinks of people who are trying to score political points off of this. Just some friendly advice before you make any more of an ass of yourself.

I'm just sayin'.

zeppo said...


All campaigns have gaffes is what I was alluding to: McCain, Obama, and Clinton.

The Holocaust is a significant issue to be speakng about so you'd think that if Obama was trying to score indirect brownie points from his uncle's good deeds then Obama would bother to get it right.

McCain's gaffe is similar: if he's going to talk about troop numbers, you'd think he and his aides would try to get it right.

P.S. I don't think you give a flying whatever about the military or what it thinks on any given day. I checked out the link you supplied and the email reply the article quotes may have been rude because the organization is tired of media requests or because it doesn't like Obama trying to score political points off of a soldier's bravery.

mikmik said...

McCain doesn't get shitloads of information right, and when corrected he weasels and rationalizes but won't ever admit he fucked right up.

Clinton lies through her teeth and then does the same shit - makes excuses but never takes full responsibility.

These are fucking serious 'gaffes', my friend. I hate the bullshit trying to minimize McC'w and Clint's 'gaffes' by lumping all 'gaffes' as simple 'everyone makes mistakes.
Sure, pot Pol is only human and made some mistakes of judgement.


Alpha Male said...

McCain is a douche through and through. Clinton is no better. Obama? I do not know enough about to make a judgement, and hence, I say "Give the man a chance... Please god, give the man a chance".

And, I personally think that CC does genuinely care about the troops. Just not the politicians and generals who manoeuvre us about. I see evidence of this in his latest about McCain voting against a bill in the US House which would actually help the troops.

zeppo said...

MikMik said: McCain doesn't get shitloads of information right, and when corrected he weasels and rationalizes but won't ever admit he fucked right up.

Politicians not getting things right and then not taking responsibility - hmmm - if this is new to you mikmik then you must be new to politics. It would be good for McCain to offer a correction and a quick apology for the wrong number but sometimes this doesn't happen. This 'move-on-and-don't-mention-the-screwup' behavior afflicts all parties and politicians, however, not just Republicans.

In the long (very long) road show that is American politics this stuff happens - yes even by accident sometimes - though other times by negligence and other times by stretching the truth and other times by outright lying. People like to think that campaigns are finely tuned, well-oiled machines and every wrong answer is intentionally wrong but campaigns can be quite ad hoc at times and the candidate does not always know what is going to happen next. The candidates rely a lot on aides to prepare briefing notes for them.

Getting a number wrong is a gaffe, unless it's intentional - then it's a lie. I don't see intention in McCain's wrong answer, I see a screw-up or negligence on the part of one of his aides. He would know the media would check his number the minute he gave it: he's an experienced politician after all - so why suffer by giving the wrong answer if there's no benefit and only the pain of the media clubbing him over the head with the gaffe.