Monday, May 05, 2008

Speaking of vacationing in Iraq ...

Sweet tap dancing Jesus ... I’m not entirely sure these people exist on the same plain of consciousness as the rest of us.

On April 24, Fox News interviewed John March, executive vice president of Ride and Show Engineering, to discuss the contractor’s plans to develop the “Baghdad Zoo and Entertainment Experience.” Host Bill Hemmer asked March whether there are safety concerns associated with the park’s development. March answered:

Well, you live here in Southern California and there’s drive-bys and everything else. So there’s danger everywhere, and I think the key thing is this will be tremendous for Baghdad.

March added that the Disneyland-style project is being “fast-tracked” by the Pentagon.

Well. I know where I'm headed on my next vacation, boys and girls. Who's with me? I bet we could get a really cheap group plan.


¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

Is March saying that in California there are drive-by rocket attacks?

E in MD said...

Is March saying that in California there are drive-by rocket attacks?

By Blogger ¢rÄßG®äŠŠ, at 1:07 PM

Cryps and Bloods... Or 'insurgents'

Take your pick

Southern Quebec said...

Safer than walking through an Indiana market! Ask John McCain! (If they only have power a few hours a day, how will they run the ferris wheel?)

Planning...not just for liberals anymore!

pretty shaved ape said...

I want to ride the sniper-go-round!

Boris said...

Why do I think of the bridge scene in Apocalypse Now?

Jennifer Smith said...

The truly sad part is that they're doing this on the site of an existing public park that includes the Baghdad Zoo. The park has a long history in the city, the zoo is well into being rebuilt and restocked, and local citizens have started going there and holding public events again.

But what the fuck, huh? Let's just plow it all under and start a brand new FOR PROFIT corporate theme park.

Oh, and since the site is adjacent to the Green Zone, I somehow doubt that they'll be having any trouble with the power cutting out.

Niles said...

Well, they've just found a way to cultivate American grown terrorists into going over and fighting for jihad in Iraq. I know a lot of people who would consider blowing up a Disneyland as a sacred mission.

I am rather surprised that Disney Co. would so blatantly associate their Brand with the I-Rack as a Good Idea tm. I don't know why I'm surprised, given the sentiments they've pushed in media (long live that liberal media) since 9/11, but I cannot help but feel a giant, publically acknowledged propaganda park might be resented just the tiniest bit by people who can't send their kids to school for lack of means and amenities.