Friday, May 09, 2008

Let me save you all that typing, Stephen.

Blogging Tory co-founder and reliable Stephen Harper Party stenographer Stephen Taylor gets all profound and nuancy with respect to biker babes:

Scandal period in Ottawa continued today as the Liberal Party, rather than ask questions about policy, grilled the government on their latest tangential interest: Minister Bernier’s ex-girlfriend.

Well, Stephen, perhaps the opposition has given up asking questions about "policy" because the only response they ever get is, "But ... but ... but ... the Liberals!!" And after a couple years, that shtick is starting to wear a bit thin.

But Stephen continues, at length, splitting hairs and pondering imponderables. Here's a suggestion, Stephen -- how about we just agree that a sitting Cabinet minister should have better judgment than to fuck a former motorcycle gang chick and bring her to his swearing-in ceremony tarted up like a high-class hooker?

Does that work for you, Stephen? Really, sometimes the simplest answers are the best.


Frank Frink said...

The government would not say whether Couillard accompanied the minister during his trips to a top-secret Canadian military base in the Arabian desert or to the international base in Afghanistan.

Which sounds an awful lot like she did indeed.

Could be just all a very strange circumstantial coinkydink but isn't there something that Afghanistan and drug-dealing bikers just might have in common?

"Forgive me if my instincts start stinkin
Im just so easily led when the little head does the thinkin" (John Hiatt)

Mike said...

I think Bernier should be fired because he is an utter incompetent as a Foreign Affairs Minister.

I don't think he should be fired because his (now ex) girlfriend use to be a biker babe. Unless there is specific evidence of wrongdoing by either him or her, its really irrelevant.

That being said, Taylor trying to spin this against the Liberals is more indication of the ideological goose-stepping that passes for intellect over at the BTs...

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, this is just so pathetic. The Conservatards are running around shrieking about the impertinence of people prying into the private lives of others, knowing full well that the scandal factory they run all the time would be in overdrive simply over the tarty outfit a companion to a non-Conservative politician had worn.

Little Stevie Taylor writes this:

"Though it is topical, comments describing or speculating on the unpublished details of the private/social lives of other politicians will not be approved."

In other words..."Take that over to SDA or Halls of Cacademia. I've got reputation to protect. Just don't forget to email me the gossip in private."