Monday, March 03, 2008

Dear Stephen Taylor: Pay the fuck attention.

You know, I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this but it looks like there's no avoiding it. Apparently, the more psychotic of the Blogging Tories are on the warpath again, and looking to "out" anonymous bloggers. And by anonymous bloggers, I mean me.

Exhibit A: the clinically-deranged, racist Nazi Kate McMillan, who writes here of yours truly:

This is the same person who has invited others to do me harm, and posted a link to my address. Like Meaghan Walker Williams, showing up in my comments and threatening me with a visit from the Indian Posse, or in an earlier incarnation, setting up a blog, writing under my name, and posting my address along with a statement that I "hate Indians".

When people pull these stunts, they deserve to be hunted down and exposed for the cowards they are. So yeah, if someone verifies CC's identity, I'll be the first one to post his street address and home phone number on the front page of SDA.

He can take that to the bank.

Not surprisingly, Kate is being her typical, pathologically dishonest self, since the only reference I made to her location was a link to her very own, publicly-available web site. (What is it with right-wing retards and freaking out when others point out their public information? Jeezus, but there's some serious brain damage going on there. And if anyone truly wants to know what Kate is drooling about, they're welcome to read this. But I digress. Onward.)

We're not here to tediously catalogue the variety of Kate's mental illnesses, Stephen. Rather, we're here to discuss the possibility for a potentially very ugly phase in Canadian political blogging, and that would be an all-out "outing" war. And the reason I'm mentioning this to you, Mr. Taylor, is that you'd be right in the middle of it.

Apparently, Stephen, your precious Blogging Tories are so destitute of intellectual capacity that the only possible response they have to criticism of their rancid racism and homophobia is threats of exposure, with the occasional subtle implication of actual physical harm. And do you really need examples of their douchebaggery?

There was Kate herself, who took great pride in revealing Belinda Stronach's private cell number. And Mike Brock's obvious glee in outing one Don Beemer. And, of course, there was the fact that you personally had to put a leash on your own Blogging Tory "Neo Conservative" when he was all about finding out who I was and publishing that. (And I still have all that private correspondence between the two of us, Stephen -- please don't make me publish it to refute any denials on your part, OK? I'd really hate to do that.)

Now, if we might get back to Kate, I'm amused by how carefully she phrases her comment above -- she's not explicitly encouraging anyone to expose my identity; no, she's just more than willing to publish that information if it becomes available. Which brings us, Stephen, to what this has to do with you.

In the first place, if one or more members of your BTs manage to track me down and publish my personal information, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that that will immediately signal open season on each and every anonymous member of your Blogging Tory collective. And I'm guessing that I'll have help from a number of my regular readers. Oh, yes, chaos and hilarity will undoubtedly ensue as the Canadian blogosphere degenerates into a veritable orgy of private contact information splashed across numerous blogs, both left and right.

Now, some might say that I deserve to be outed since I'm not particularly polite when it comes to beating the crap out of the BT membership. But I've always felt that there's a simple solution to all of that -- if the vast majority of the BTs don't like being described as mentally-retarded, homophobic, racist dumbfucks, well, they can just stop acting like that. That's a pretty elegant solution, wouldn't you say? But that's not your biggest worry, Stephen.

Apart from your BTs acting like a bunch of whiny children, there's the potential fallout if someone on your blogroll gleefully "outs" me ... and gets it wrong. And, oh, the indescribable entertainment value that would have, as some poor schmuck is mistakenly "exposed," and suffers the inevitable abuse and harassment (not to mention the possible physical assault) because one or more of your BT members is too stupid to understand how IP traces work, or something to that effect.

Oh, yes, the backlash from that will be something to see, as I'll make sure that everyone who writes about it makes sure that their blog post refers to not just "blogger X", but "blogger X, a member of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories." I'm pretty sure that, if that happens, Stephen, you're going to have your hands full with damage control. So you have to ask yourself, Stephen, is this really what you want as your legacy? A full-on blog war whose only purpose is to wreck peoples' blogging hobbies?

Quite frankly, Stephen, I'm not sure what drives this outing obsession. Regardless of how asinine or criminally deranged I think someone is (and when it comes to your BTs, that's the majority of them), I've never been even remotely interested in outing them if they choose to remain anonymous. I don't have to -- I poke fun at them, I hold them up to public mockery and ridicule, and I move on. And that works for me. (And, by the way, I have never revealed a single piece of personal information about anyone that wasn't already in the public domain, most of the time by their own hand. So let's quash that bit of bullshit right now, shall we? Anyone who claims that I've published private information is simply lying.)

But it's becoming increasingly clear that way too many of your BTs are simply incapable of participating in an exchange of ideas, hence the fixation on destroying their critics instead. But that's rapidly becoming your problem, isn't it, Steve? Because you have two choices here.

On the one hand, you can get a grip on this and make it clear that trying to out anonymous bloggers is not acceptable behaviour for your Blogging Tories. I know you had to do this with that deranged psychotic "Neo Conservative", but it's now clear you have a bigger problem on your hands, and you have to deal with it.

On the other hand, you can (as you seem to have a habit of doing) bury your head in the sand and pretend none of this is happening, and wait for the inevitable meltdown, at which point things in the Canadian blogosphere will get ugly indeed. And, as I mentioned, if some unfortunate sucker just happens to be at the wrong IP address at the wrong time and gets fingered, I will make damned sure that I have all the documentation ready to go for the inevitable court case when that poor schumck goes after the perps who made his life miserable. And rest assured, Steve, I'll do everything I can to ensure that your name is part of the legal proceedings, since you're well aware that at least some of your BTs are dangerous whackjobs, which suggests that, at the very least, the word "negligence" should pop up in the lawsuit somewhere.

At this point, Steve, I think you have some decisions to make. You can either deal with this and get it under control once and for all, or you can sit back and watch your vaunted Blogging Tories finally expose themselves for the infantile, vindictive and dangerous nutjobs they are. And leave yourself open to potential legal action in the process.

Your move, Steve. And have a nice day.


Red Tory said...

I hate to be pedantic, but I have to point out that Patsy Pantload and Werner Von Pillock (two of the more eager beavers when it comes to "outing" people) aren't worker bees in Taylor's BT Hive.

CC said...

I am well aware of that, RT, which is why their names never came up.

Richard said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CC said...

Dear Dick:

Piss off already. You have your own blog, feel free to take a dump over there, OK?

Cherniak_WTF said...

Patsy Pantload aka Rosshole does seem a little restrained:
"This shouldn't be so hard to figure out.

He posts the home address of political opponents on his blog, which is undeniably scummy. If you post his home address online, is that any less scummy?

Think about this. Do you really want to be that much like Canadian Cynic? Come on. Think about it."

Either he is getting smarter or he's back on his meds, either way, good on him.

Zorpheous said...

These bloggin wars never end well for anyone involve ~sigh~

Oh well, I guess no will be happy until someone looses and eye (so to speak)

pretty shaved ape said...

cwtf, pat is still plenty eager to hump the outings, he's just a little more cautious about his ravings. this sort of nonsense took place a while back down in the states in regard to a protest that drove military recruiters off a california campus. in the fallout, serial lunatic michelle malkin made it her mission to expose the students involved and the administration. now, much of that info was publicly available had anyone cared to hunt it down. what resulted was a lot of ugliness and harassment by her fans/fanatics. people were threatened and frightened and things got quite nasty.

as a result, some on the left decided that payback was in order. malkin's home address was posted and she got some of her own medicine. i went on record at jesus general's site to decry joining in the ugliness. as i recall, she might even have felt it necessary to move house. there are idiots and crazies on every side of the political spectrum. the climax of that ugly saga came when the president of the university in question committed suicide. it can't be proved that her instability and depression were directly related to the harassment and abuse she received, but it seems a likely contributing factor.

i'm hoping that we can all let cooler heads prevail. as in, cut it the fuck out everyone. deeply fucking ignorant patrick ross has taken great pleasure in slinging my name around the blogosphere. fine. it was posted here and at my old blog. i prefer to write in character but whatever, i can live with what i've had to say and it wasn't being kept as a guarded secret. regardless, the only purpose of this outing bullshit is to encourage harassment and abuse. there is no other good reason. i don't approve, regardless of where it originates, right or left.

this whole fucking ugly business is about doing harm, real harm to people's lives and livelihoods. that just ain't cool. patrick is a cock noggin but i think there's enough neurons firing in that mullet button of his to recognize that he's playing with fire. richard evans is a loon, i think he'd like nothing more than to see people get hurt and he's willing to use his own family as bait. that alone should be sufficient to make him radioactive.

kate is another vindictive piece of work. and yes she would be more than happy to expose those that nettle her to harm and danger. she is also, at the very least, a canny strategic thinker and is willing to let the more rabid hordes do all the dirty work and keep her own arse out of the fire. i'm sick of this whole saga. playing in evans water just makes us dirty too. we're better than that.

lindsay stewart

ps fuck you patrick ross

Red Tory said...

CWTF — Funnily enough, "Neo" rebuked him for making that fairly reasonable about-face.

thwap said...

Pardon me, but i gotta say i found it a total fucking gas that racist Indian hater KKKate MacMillan whines about accusations that she hates Indians.

You do hate Indians KKKate. You're about as blatant a racist as they come. You think they're dirty, lazy, stupid, born criminals. It's all over your fucking posts, which I've read.

That's what that parody site about you was all about.

Have the goddamned decency to take responsibility for something in your miserable excuse of a life.

liberal supporter said...

Catherine doesn't hate Indians, she just hates the way they speak and behave. She doesn't blame them for being the way they are, she just wants them to stop being that way. She wishes they'd be a little more thankful for how much better off they are since we discovered them and saved their souls.

I think it's mighty white of her, don't you?

Ti-Guy said...

It's actually true. And the sad thing is, who the hell wants to be like Kate McMillan?

Somena Woman said...

Somebody tell KKKate that CC doesn't even blogroll me.


CC said...


Regarding Patrick Ross, it might be that he's more restrained since he once claimed to have backtraced me to a particular block locally, whereupon I pointed out that he didn't even have the correct city.

Maybe that's when he realized just what kind of trouble he was letting himself in for if he outed the wrong poor bastard. What a complete prat.

liberal supporter said...

So if Patrick thought he had outed you but was wrong, and Catherine posts the wrong person's name and address on her main page, and you don't out yourself to prove them wrong, is it somehow your fault?

What if the dead dismembered body parts of the poor unfortunate that they named turn up in a ditch (yes, I'm assuming the 'nice' goons got there first), are you guilty of being an accessory because you didn't reveal information that could have saved them?

Naturally Patty and Catty would be blameless, they are simply performing an important public service. But you would be an accessory for not coming forward, right?