Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bill Kristol: Dumbass.

True to form, the New York Times' Bill Kristol screws the pooch. Well, gosh ... who might have seen that coming?

The Canadian Cynic: When you want to know tomorrow's news today.


Ti-Guy said...

When I first ventured on to the Web to find out where people who don't read newspapers or watch/listen to the CBC get their news, the first place I came across was NewsMax. I remember being shocked and appalled that there were no laws preventing such organizations from associating themselves with the word "news."

Boy, was I ever naive.

Red Tory said...

A frightening number of wingnuts get their "news" from Newsmax. Hello Canadian Sentinel! It's an absolute joke, but not a terribly funny one. Nice to see what sort of useless rubbish informs Kristol's opinion. No wonder he's such a delusional kook.