Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yes, Neo, you don't like brown people. We get it.

Blogging Tory "Neo Conservative" warms up for Canada Day by putting his racism on full display:

Neo would also like to point out that he is not, in any way, ashamed of his racism and the Astroglide-enhanced glee he takes in the violent deaths of minorities, but he'd still like to remain anonymous because, well, it just makes things easier. Your anonymity, however ... well, that's a different story.

Stephen Taylor must be so proud.

BONUS TRACK: The best part of Neo's racist screed, in his own comments section:

Shorter "Neo": "Well, sure, there's absolutely no evidence against him that I know of, and he's been cleared by both CSIS and the RCMP. But he's brown! That has to count for something!"

Stephen Taylor: Making bigotry acceptable again at the more fashionable Canadian dinner parties everywhere.


M@ said...

It's a poor citizen who makes himself so easy to govern. The government doesn't even need to give him reasons for its actions any more; Neo is happy to supply them himself.

Dance, puppet, dance.

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