Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes, they really ARE as retarded as you suspected.

Just when you figured nobody, but nobody, could be any dumber than Blogging Tory "Hunter," we have a new contestant -- her BT colleague "Dodo Can Spell" who, in a "Have you heard? Michael Jackson is dead!" moment, gets the drop on all of us here at CC HQ. Read it and howl:

He calls himself Canadian Cynic - SICKO is more like it

He describes himself as:
Left-leaning, progressive snark from the general vicinity of Waterloo, Ontario

He has four nitwits chewing up endlessly like cows in a dung-ridden pasture, the crumbs and leftovers that we at Blogging Tories deem to throw their way.

And now, let the steel trap of Dodo's research abilities take charge:

The nitwits are aptly named:
Lindsay Stewart (a female maybe or a girlish name for a guy whose mother thought he looked better in a frock?), ...

So Dodo is perhaps the last person in this galactic quadrant who is unaware that my co-blogger Lindsay is a dude. Let the dumbfuckitude continue:

LuLu (more like LoopyLoo?)

HA HA! OHMIGOD, that's funny ... really. I can hardly keep my sides from splitting. But that's positively cerebral compared to what follows:

M@ (and no - that's not a typo)
and more hilarity follows with the fourth contributor's name, the sicko himself: CC (yup - ladies and gentlemen - you read that right, CC - carbon copy or corroding corpse? Me thinks, the latter.

No, no, hang in there, really ... you'll thank me by the end. Promise. Movin' on:

Yesterday, some of you might have noticed that Dodo Can Spell was silent for most of the day. Silent on the blog but researching the blogosphere to ferret out the weasels who were leaving their smelly turds on my blog. And ferret them out I did.

And ferret them out Dodo did. Well, except for that part about not knowing that Lindsay is a dude. Apparently, researching is hard werk. Onward, to the results of the aforementioned "research", and jumping over some vacuous, non-research-related snark, to read:

This excuse for a human being got himself invited as a speaker to a meetup group in Toronto called "The Toronto Atheists and Friends" and the organizers put up the following in their calendar for July 3.

Damn. Busted. I'm guessing it was the numerous blog posts I wrote on that topic that gave it away. Dodo, she so smart. Or perhaps not:

This event was attended by 28 people. Minus the 3 stooges and the sicko himself, you have an attendence of a measly 24 long faced atheists who although they deny there is a God they go every morning searching for God or the word GOD on the internet - if you get my drift.

Hmmmmm ... how curious. Since I was there, and there were about 50 chairs set up, and there was barely an empty seat in the place, and none of my co-bloggers was there. Other than that, Dodo is perfectly correct. But only briefly:

Now the questions that need to be asked are: Did he get paid, and if so how much? Will he declare the money he received in his tax returns? How much did the sidekicks get? Will they declare those earnings and maybe other similar ones in their tax returns ? Or did he prostitute himself and his sidekicks for free?

Dear Dodo: I was, in fact, not compensated for that evening, other than having a couple of the other attendees buy me dinner and a beer. So I don't see how my tax return factors into this. Ah, but this is where Dodo crosses at least one boundary of civility:

Note to self: Get in touch with the Revenue Canada guys I used to know during the short term contract a couple of years ago. Always good to keep in touch with influential friends.

Good thinking, Dodo -- after all, what can possibly go wrong? I mean, other than a legal action based on encouraging Revenue Canada employees to violate at least one well-defined law related to taxpayer privacy. I'm sure your "friends" would be delighted to risk their jobs for the sake of your childish sense of vindictiveness. Make sure you let me know when you're done with that, and I'll have my lawyer ready with a subpoena with your name on it. Seriously. Amazingly, we're not done here, as Dodo continues:

Note to self: More investigation required to ferret out full profile of Ti-Guy to determine why the little weasel is such a sucker upper.

Curious, isn't it, how a member of the Blogging Tories seems to have no qualms about outing someone who chooses to remain anonymous. Why, I can remember the good old days when BTer "Neo Conservative" was behind a plot to out your humble scribe, and BT co-founder Stephen Taylor actually weighed in briefly:

Stephen Taylor said...

For anyone that believes that what Aaron did was somehow below par, just know that I support him in his decision. In a free society, people have the right to blog anonymously even if we disagree with them on the most fundamental of levels.

Yes, there really was a time when Stephen Taylor defended the notion of bloggy anonymity. Obviously, something's changed, given that members of his aggregator are now gleefully outing other bloggers they don't like, and explicitly encouraging employees of Revenue Canada to reveal the private financial details of other Canadian citizens. My, how times have changed.

The rest of Dodo's screed is astonishingly illiterate, and then there's this:

This is Part One of my investigation. I will soon be bringing you Part Two with some gripping graphics and quotes AND photographs. I am making a list and checking it twice. Stay tuned ...........

OK, I guess the rules of engagement have changed drastically, and BT co-founder Taylor has no interest in trying to preserve whatever little civility is left in the Canadian blogosphere, so here's what we're gonna do. I want to know about "Dodo", who you can see is "Maria S." All the good stuff -- full name, address, phone number, the works. It seems only fair.

And while we're at it, and this creepy and petulant behaviour on the part of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories seems to be standard operating procedure these days, I want to know all about "Neo Conservative" and "Raphael Alexander" as well. What the hell -- that seems only fair as well, wouldn't you say? Names, addresses, places of employment ... the whole ball of wax.

Obviously, turning the other cheek just isn't working, as much as I wished it had so, damn the torpedoes, let the outing jihad begin. And let's all remember -- I didn't start it.

DEEP AFTERTHOUGHTS: To be perfectly frank, I have no overwhelming urge to start an "outing" war. So, what's to be done here when one wishes only to blog in peace, and yet has one of Stephen Taylor's mouth-breathing horde publicly calling for employees of Revenue Canada to violate someone's privacy? Seriously, I'm open to suggestions, given that BT co-founder Taylor is a totally useless, unprincipled hack who I know condoned my outing not that long ago, so he's going to be of no use whatsoever in terms of putting a leash on these lunatics.


AMUSINGLY, "Dodo" -- who, by God, is not going to put up with these vicious "attacks" -- is too much of a weaselly, spineless coward to have an unmoderated comments section. Yeah, those are the folks who are going to protect us from all the bad, brown Islamojihadifarianists -- the same folks who piss themselves in uncontrollable terror when someone writes a blog post about them. I feel safer already.


Unknown said...

Can we not just watch Dodo walk off the Cliffs of the Terminal Stupid and call it day CC??? Seriously, walking a stupid, flightly bird fall to it'ss death while it claims victory isn't that funny enough?

This is like watching people run into a perfectly clean and clear glass wall,... it's funny the first 10 times,... after that it becomes a study in wondering when other people will stop and wonder why there are all these unconscience people on the ground infront of strangely demarkated line,...

Teh Zorpheous

vw = pultur

oh, I'm not even going to touch that one

Anonymous said...

I left her a comment... wonder if she will post it....

You forgot her little rant directed at Ti-Guy.... that was funny also...

As for outing Ralphie and the rest - I personally have little interest. I prefer to mock them for their utterly stupid postings...

CC said...

Sure, Zorph -- under normal circumstances, that would be the perfect response. Until someone starts threatening to use the power of Revenue Canada like a vindictive child. Then what do you do?

In a perfect world. Stephen Taylor would appreciate that one of his precious BTers is actually condoning law-breaking and would slap a muzzle on them. But, sadly, that's not going to happen since Taylor doesn't give a shit.

So ... what to do?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Revenue Canada feels about Erza, KKK and a few other Boring Tories begging for money?
I'm sure that they are all on the up and up...

CC said...


Re: your comment over there, without even looking, I'm guessing that Maria "a Conservative woman who believes in total freedom of speech" S. moderates her comments section. After all, she's a Blogging Tory -- it's what they do.

Act surprised.

Robert McClelland said...

How nasty and how public do you want the retaliation to be?

CC said...

*Sigh*. Don't. It's just not worth it. Normally, I wouldn't give a crap, but it's getting really tiring that none of these imbeciles learns anything from their last clusterfuck, going so far as to encourage illegal activity.

The same people who were absolutely gleeful at my outing are positively terrified about someone outing them (Hi, "Raphael.").

And yet, here we have another Blogging Tory, even stupider than the rest of them, wanting to leap back into that snake pit. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

The same people who were absolutely gleeful at my outing are positively terrified about someone outing them (Hi, "Raphael.").
The man is a total idiot.
You'd think that the National Post would drop someone who gets his ass slapped every time he post on some blog would be enough....

As for Maria, I'm guessing she's some kind of Jesus Freak who hates fags.... but that's really an easy guess... and yes the Free Speech warrior does moderate...

Bismark said...

I saw this idiot’s blog the other day and didn’t comment on it out of respect for her self-declared statement of purpose:

This blog belongs to a Conservative woman who believes in total freedom of speech. If you cannot bear to hear it, buy a set of ear plugs and stop whining…If you are not in sync with my mind-set, please keep away from this blog, and I "Thank you" for not polluting it with your presence.

Interesting “mindset” at work here. One that wants people who may happen to disagree with her lunatic opinions to simply bugger off and leave her alone, but then is more than happy to snoop into the identities and tax returns of those with whom she has an ideological dispute with.

Maybe there are some “Conservative” women that aren’t hypocritical, fascist douchebags, but I’ve yet to encounter any of them.

Robert McClelland said...

It's just not worth it.

It's actually very satisfying when they either get caught with their pants around their ankles in public or moan about their misfortune, or series of misfortunes, on their blog.

Jon Pertwee said...

"This is one BROWN conservative woman who will not be "politically correct" and ignore your attacks like the sweet white conservative soft targets you have been dealing with and let you get away with the attacks you are launching on me."

Bigotry as a defense and as a threat. Sounds like she's preparing for the Klan to show up at her house.

Ti-Guy said...

And now I got dragged into this for a comment I made *here*. Jeez, promote a little eliminationim and some people get really upset.

KEvron said...

"Seriously, I'm open to suggestions"

again, my blog is at your disposal, should not wish to soil your own.


Robert McClelland said...

again, my blog is at your disposal, should not wish to soil your own.

Maybe you and I should get together to teach dildo can spell a little lesson since CC doesn't have the stomach for it. Perhaps a little public humiliation is in order. What do you think?

KEvron said...

"Perhaps a little public humiliation is in order. What do you think?"

i already do that on a daily basis.

drop any revelations on an older comment thread on my blog (no anononymous tips, and i'll delete the comment after i've read it, to prtect the whistleblower). i'll consider the info, then draft a post, if merited. vetting will surely prove difficult, so no guarantees.


KEvron said...



Ti-Guy said...

To add: What you should do is simply write up a post highlighting Ms. Dodo's "threat" to contravene privacy laws. If she does have friends in Revenue Canada who passed on information to her, I believe that would *two* crimes. Then mention Stephen Taylor and wonder why the aggregator he runs harbours potential criminals and/or the demonstrably insane, whichever applies.

This post wasn't succinct enough to have that message dominate.

KEvron said...

and then the outings....


CC said...

Ti-Guy: Done.

KEvron said...


"I am going to spit gobbles of green yuck"

anybody know a good exorcist?


KEvron said...

heh. dodo misspelt "globules"....


Bismark said...

Irony isn't the only thing that's thick over at Dodo's place, it seems.

KEvron said...

yeah, there's also the green yuck. mind your footing, folks.


JJ said...

She's not posting my comments.

These people are why preview mode and screenshots were invented.

Anonymous said...

As unB'effinglieveable as Dodo's post is in the first place, the fact there are ZERO comments is priceless.

Meanwhile, in other value challenged news - Hunter's man caught some hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee salmon and the family was able to get well within a hundred yards of some whales that came right to them.

CC said...

These people really are adorable -- they're all "I'll kick your ass, oooooooh, you betcha, just you wait, man, if I had my way, yap yap yap...". And yet, when they had the chance to get up close and personal with me in Toronto, not one of those spineless turds showed up. Not one.

Now here's Dodo, being all "I'll chew you up and spit you out, damned straight," being too fucking petrified to allow any comments.

Beating up on these pants-pissing yobs isn't even fun any more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, say...here's a comment over there now.

The Artful Nudger said...

Looks like my comment went the way of her namesake too.

All I did was point out the logical inconsistency of "bring it on" coupled with barring all comments that would attempt to bring the it on.

I also criticized her on massacring the biblical aphorism "turn the other cheek" - which really would have been a prime moment for her to turn around and nail me with a "The Devil can quote scripture."

Ah well. We've already seen that she's not terribly quick on her mental feet.

Bismark said...

Well, we've seen what she's made of — "spit gobbles of green yuck" apparently.

I can hardly wait for the next post where she: a) moans about being "attacked" by eeeeevil leftists; or b) boasts about how she's enraged the aforementioned "leftists" while snuffing out all of their comments.

The fact that this "conservative woman" claims to believe in "total freedom of speech" is just beyond precious.

Just another spineless, utterly pathetic douchebag.

Unknown said...

Teh terminal level of teh stoopid from this Dodo is so classical, it's like she showed up for the party, a day late, she arrived by falling off the turnip truck and she is carying around a bag of hammers for good measure,... It is like taking all the stoopid of George Bush, Neo, Pady-boy and Dickie and refining it down to 100 percent purity,... Dodo's level of teh Stoopid exceeds this,...

Ya I knows, we never thoughts it was possible,... but then again it a BT blogger,... they always attract the best of teh stoopids.

Anonymous said...

Isn't advertising that you have 'friends' at Revenue Canada willing to break the law a problem? I would probably send her threat to do that to the proper authorities ... that is once you find out who she is. Obviously they wouldn't be able to follow up unless they have her particulars. Chin up!