Friday, July 24, 2009

Holy motherfucking stupid, Batman!

Document the dumbassitude.

, the level of stupid and evil in the comments section over there is truly breathtaking. Blogging Tory "General Brock" seems singularly ignorant about what this issue is all about, and it doesn't appear that anyone can clue him in.

Ah, well ... he's a Blogging Tory ... being a painfully retarded dumbshit goes with the territory. "Hunter" and Dr. Roy taught me that.

, I think that every gay couple in Saskatchewan that wants to get married should now seek out Mr. Orville Nichols to perform the civil ceremony. Given that he believes that "God hates homosexuality," he will refuse, at which point you have the grounds for an HRC complaint and, if all goes well, you'll get $2500 out of it. Think of it as a belated wedding present.


thebanana said...

Talk about re-writing history.

Zorpheous said...

Where are the re-education camps we were promised? I want to see these MoFo's sent off for re-education, or for most of these homo-phobes it will be education, since they seemed to miss out the first time.

Dumb MoFo'ers

CC said...

It's always fun to see the frothing members of the "Law and Order" party demanding that certain people shouldn't have to obey the law. The hypocrisy would be adorable if it wasn't so fucking nauseating.