Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breaking news: Conservative Minister is complete asshole!

In other news, water is wet.


Southern Quebec said...

"Even a longtime Conservative party supporter is accusing Clement of treating Sudbury like a "leper colony"..."

Someone's been reading DoDo!

Ti-Guy said...

What a moron. Sudbury produces 30% of the World's nickel; as if anyone would just leave it lying there forever.

I can't believe we've arrived at this point; where our own politicians threaten us to the advantage of foreign corporations. These traitors need to be hanged.

dupmar said...

Dodo says that leftists are psychopaths

“with the psychopathic disregard for all norms, morals, standards and ethics in the ruthless quest for personal praise and satisfaction” and further that leftists exhibit “permanent and corrosive dissatisfaction with the society they live in”.

So there, Ti-Guy, consider yourself “pigeon-holed”.

Now was that Dodo who actually paid you a visit over at Chucker’s yesterday, or someone pretending to be Dodo.

Ti-Guy said...

Since we're off-topic...

I came across a comment the other day that I thought the heathens here would enjoy:

"I tried free-basing Jesus but I couldn't keep the communion wafer lit."

Michael Harkov said...

Labour is king in Sudbury. People here will NEVER elect a Tory MP, more so after this latest fiasco. So I doubt Clement even gives a shit that he is pissing off a voting demographic that would never even give him the time of day to begin with.

I also somehow doubt that Clement even realizes that it wasn't just INCO effort that contributed to changing Sudbury/Mordor into what it is today (a model for re-greening that the world would do well to follow). A lot of people and organizations had a big hand in it as well, though a many people give the sole credit to INCO.

sassy said...


And I did, really did!!