Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There's a reason the Blogging Tories are so stupid.

They love their Fox News.


Ti-Guy said...

In the words to that prophetic American pedagogue:

I personally believe the U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some...people out there in our nation don’t have maps, and, uh, I believe that our education like such as South Africa and, uh, the Iraq everywhere like, such as and...

And they laughed at her. Well, who's laughing now?

Southern Quebec said...



dupmar said...

Okay you Weisenheimers* (definition- an upstart who makes conceited, sardonic, insolent comments), I resent that. I catch my news on Space channel in between science fiction reruns.

Curiously, I have noted that the only party that sticks to Canadian content rules in its blogging is the Bloc, everyone else seems much more fascinated by what is going on in the US than in Canada.

And Ti-Guy, if you want to test your wit and polemical ability, you should try out Angry French Guy, he has quite the ability at comebacks. You’re not getting much of an intellectual challenge from the blogging tories.

As to the previous comment, it is somewhat pathetic that the majority of Canadians who show interest in such matters are apparently more preoccupied and knowledgeable about the composition of the US Supreme Court than the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Sotomayor controversy does provide entertainment. You get media exchanges (youtube) in the comments secton such as :

“You forgot Catholics-it's a mortal sin to practice birth control. Oh, you forget-MEXICO is a Catholic country. They pop out babies like cockroaches! Everytime I see a Mexican family-I see 5,6, 7, kids with them “

and the rejoinder

“The Republican Party is never going to be able to shake its reputation as The Party of Race Hate since the advent of the internet gave a bullhorn to every wingnut. Obviously not all Republicans are racist, but their party is infested with them - like cockroaches.”

Now the Angry French Guy site does provide entertainment of the sort, as it provides exchanges similar to the above between wannabe Galganovs and angryphone bloggers, western Reformers and the site’s host, but this is the best part, pure 100% Canadian content.

As to widespread ignorance in today’s society, unfortunately it is not only to be found south of Canada’s border. Per the headlines in yesterday’s Journal de Montreal - “65% sans diplome” - there appears to be an educational crisis in Quebec with excessively high dropout rates for francophone males in public high schools.
« Malgré l'inquiétude que suscite le taux de décrochage au Québec, plus de 65 % des gars, à Montréal et dans Lanaudière, n'avaient obtenu aucun diplôme l'an dernier, cinq ans après leur entrée au secondaire. «C'est en train de devenir un drame social», prévient un expert. »
Even Parizeau weighed in on the debate, commenting on the 24 % gap in success rate between anglophone and francophone students, per Le Journal:.
« Ce constat confirme la situation dénoncée par l'ex-premier ministre du Québec, Jacques Parizeau, en septembre dernier. »
« Dans une lettre acheminée au Journal, et qu'il avait intitulée «Le gâchis scolaire», M. Parizeau se questionnait alors sur les causes de l'écart «prodigieux» existant entre la réussite des garçons anglophones et francophones. ».

This one you can’t blame on the blogging tories.

Ti-Guy said...

And Ti-Guy, if you want to test your wit and polemical ability, you should try out Angry French Guy, he has quite the ability at comebacks.

Les séparatatas me lèvent le coeur.

Anonymous said...

We don't have to go as far as FOX to see the burning stupid.
We have Adam Daifallah that helps with this contribution.

Now, I won't get into how Bixi is indeed one of the worst kind of "feel good green" bullshit programs around that should have never been put in place, and one wonders why free market advocate Adam likes it (mostly because he benefits directly)... no what I find amusing it this.

Since its inception, the city has gone mad over Bixi. Most people have at least tried them
As of July 22, there were 7,671 members of the Montreal Bixi system
In a city of a few million (I'm counting the north and south shores) that number is hardly a "wow" number...
So based on his little circle of friends, he claims that most people have tried them... Wingnut math and facts.... Geesshhh

The Bixi revolution is now catching on elsewhere. The bikes have been in Paris and other European cities for several years.
Can he make it more unclear? The Bixi system is copied from the European models - not the other way around....

And one wonders how much value is there really...
According to a report in the Post last week, Toronto is now looking to spend $11-million to purchase 3,000 bicycles for its own Bixi system.
One would hope that it's the complete system because that, if it's only for the bikes, well that $3666 per bike...

Not really good value of taxpayers money... but daffy (or is that dandy) Adam Daifallah like the idea...

dupmar said...

C’mon Ti-Guy, you get along well enough with Eric and Cameron despite their affinity for the Bloc, you even have them tag along on occasion when you engage in some raid on a blogging tory site to poke fun at them.

There is a wealth of material for you at Bloc sites such as Angry French Guy.

Here for instance is one angryphone threatening to file a human rights complaint against AFG:

“You are a racist making excuses for french canadian racism. I will be filing a complaint against you.”

Then you get your typical blogging tory fringe doing a drive by to express his hatred for Quebecers and telling them to stay out of Alberta:

“Man you seperatist quebecois are incredibly annoying. Take a bath, and stay at home, because I’m sick of seeing your arrogant unshaved mugs poking out the windows of cheap rusty jalopies like clowns in a circus – all heading west, looking for work here, but arrogantly putting it out there because you think your ‘belle province’ is so fking superior. ”

Debates on work ethics and lazy Quebecers:

“Asian work ethic vs Quebecois “work ethic”. Would you hire Chan/Patel or Lévesque/Bélanger? Provided, of course, that Lévesque/Bélanger are even willing to work.”

“I wouldn’t hire Lévesque/Bélanger for sure. Why? Given their French names they are probably racially inferior and they probably also have the well-known and documented “welfare genes”. I’d even pray that they never find a job and a wife, so their deficient genetics won’t corrupt the future generations of quebecers.”

One blogging tory unfettered free market advocate offers his economic expertise:

“No, what you’ll need is the capital, know-how, entrepreneurship, and profressionalism from ENGLISH-SPEAKERS who are in abundance right at your door-step. That is what Quebec will need to attract and they simply won’t come if they have to learn, live, and educate themselves in French. “

The Bloc supporter in response channels Ti-Guy :

“English speakers only have the know-how to shuffle money to make the absolute maximal profits without doing any physical work whatsoever. They do not manufacture anything at all, they just buy and sell. Look at how the United States is doing right now after getting rid of it’s manufacturing sector and concentrating on money shuffling…”

Debates on immigration :
“The native Francophone population of NA is in decline. So you can try to shore up your population with immigrants that could not care less about your nationalistic struggles, or you and your pals could get jiggy with Francophone women and spawn like 10 pur laine children each. Problem solved. “

The Bloc defender in response channels Ti-Guy commenting on blogging tory sites:

“Making babies in an overcrowded world overflowing with people who would be very glad to come here and be french is not exactly responsible. Having immigrants come here and enrich our culture with ours is a much more evolved and rational approach. Or are you afraid that the resulting culture will flatten yours? After all, a lot of english canadians are culturally insecure and are pissed that we have our very own culture.”
“Yes, the north american culture that is mostly trashy stuff of people killing people. Oh, it’s a culture fit for simpler minds, ...”

dupmar said...

Your critique, Ti-Guy, doesn’t connect all the dots. Take the tale of right-wing Libertarians mistaken for left-wing anarchists denied entry into Canada to attend the Liberty Summer Seminar because they decided to mouth off on the abuses of the state rather than point out they were attending a conference with Conservative government ministers in attendance. An amusing tale that has some blogging tory sites all in a fluster. Now if you follow the links from Gerry Nicholls site where he is complaining about border guard abuses to visiting American political activists, you will end up at the site Le Minarchiste Québécois, where they likewise complain about state abuses, and define their philosophy as follows:
« Mentionnons tout d’abord que tous les courants du libertarianisme et du libertarisme sont d’accord pour dénoncer les méfaits de l’état et la dépendance grandissante que nous avons envers lui. Là où il y a une divergence d’opinion est si nous devons abolir l’état complètement. Les anarchistes croient que oui, les minarchistes croient que non. Les minarchistes considèrent une forme d’état limité est un mal nécessaire pour protéger ses citoyens d’invasions extérieures, de divers crimes et fraudes et pour arbitrer des litiges. Les anarchistes soutiennent que ces fonctions peuvent être accomplies par des agences indépendantes. Je suis certain que c’est possible, mais je dirais que là n’est pas la véritable question. »
« Si une question doit véritablement trancher entre minarchie et anarchie c’est comment on compte aboutir à l’un où l’autre. Considérant que le québécois typique a de la difficulté à mettre un pied devant l’autre sans aide de l’état, la tâche de convaincre les québécois d’adopter un modèle de société minarchiste serait plutôt ardue, quelles sont les chances de les convaincre d’éliminer le gouvernement complètement? Alors, à moins d’une guerre civile ou un cataclysme, il est raisonnable de dire que les chances d’établir une société anarchiste ici, de façon pacifique, sont pratiquement nulles. Par contre, il semblerait plus facile par comparaison de convaincre les gens du bien-fondé de réduire la taille du gouvernement. »

« Certains anarchistes vous diront que le minarchisme est une contradiction. Comment peut-on être à la fois pour et contre l’état? Ils n’ont pas tort. Mais si ton but est vraiment d’accroitre les libertés individuelles et de diminuer le rôle de l’état dans nos vies, chaque pas pris dans cette direction nous rapproche de ce but. Ce n’est pas pour dire qu’une minarchie est le summum d’une société libre. J’admettrai volontiers que c’est un modèle imparfait. Mais ce serait une nette amélioration sur l’étatisme rampant qui prévaut dans le monde depuis le début du XXe siècle. Dans tous les cas, de grands penseurs comme Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand et F.A. Hayek étaient également des minarchistes, je peux donc me considérer en bonne compagnie. »
(My excuses for lengthy quote).

dupmar said...

These people are basically right wing anarchists. They accuse the current US government, for instance, of being “fascist gangsters”.
« On m’a accusé d’être trop dur envers l’administration Obama en pointant ses tendances fascistes. La représentante Michele Bachmann du Minnesota n’y va pas de main morte en décrivant comment les concessionnaires GM dépendent maintenant de connections avec un représentant ou sénateur démocrate pour leur survie. Selon elle, le gouvernement américain est devenu un «gouvernement de gangsters».
Of interest is the fact the minarchist philosophy ( Friedman, Ayn Rand, Hayek) being propounded is exactly that being articulated by MP Maxime Bernier on his web site. He is being congratulated by such as Fildebrandt ( who openly expresses his contempt for the political views of such as Joe Clark ) for expounding such views. Others such as Dr. Roy parrot such views.
Now this minarchisme will never fly in Quebec, the ADQ have realized as much and are backing off such an embrace.
Particularly in matters such as immigration, cultural sovereignty and language protection, Quebecers realize the state has a major role to play and certainly do not advocate its abolition or diminishing its authority.