Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Stephen: Did NOT think that one through.

Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor tries his hand at humour and learns that, well, he sucks:

Where is Michael Ignatieff? Is he just vacationing?

Everyone in Ottawa is starting to wonder. Unlike the Prime Minister, who has official duties representing this country at events like the G8 and at funerals for past Governors General, as Opposition leader, Michael Ignatieff doesn’t have any real obligations when the House isn’t sitting beyond representing his constituents in Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

Ha ha! Oh, man, that Stephen ... he just kills. Here, let me try: Where was Stephen Harper for about seven weeks last winter? Was he just vacationing? Oh.

Some advice, Stephen -- don't try to be funny. You're just not very good at it.

, Stephen, about those official PM duties like, oh, "representing this country at events like the G8 and at funerals for past Governors General," the last time I looked, it might have been better for Stephen the Corpulent if he had just stayed home. Know what I'm sayin'?


Renee said...

On the contrary, I find it hilarious.

Kim Leaman said...

Not only does Stephen Harper take unscheduled vacations, He will spend the third day of the fall session of the Canadian House of Commons,(September 16th, 2009)in Washington. So, even though he will come to the opening of Parliament, he will only be visiting.
And that is no Laughing matter either.
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