Friday, July 31, 2009

"But enough about me. Let's talk about me."

Shorter Blogging Tory Sara Landriault: "The fact that many, many women have no interest in affordable and available childcare clearly means it's unnecessary."


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever figured out what the fuck she is pushing for?

She states "choice for childcare" but as far as I can ascertain, she wants specific wingnut welfare that only applies to her..

liberal supporter said...

She wants to be paid to be a stay at home mom at a rate similar to what she might earn in an office.

I actually agree with this idea in general. But talk to her about accountability, by testing or evaluation such as home schoolers have to do, and she'll inform you that the fact she gave birth should be all the qualification needed, i.e. "how dare you question my parenting skills and where's my money?"

Southern Quebec said...

Seems like an incoherent mess.

liberal supporter said...

It's always 5 o'clock there.

Frank Frink said...

Yep. WTF are you doing bothering me with facts and evidence. Don't you know it's cocktail o'clock?

Ti-Guy said...

She wants to be paid to be a stay at home mom at a rate similar to what she might earn in an office.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Why she remains in the Blogging Tories with a posture like that is a mystery to me.

Renee said...

You know, in these days of economic difficulty she might discover that if we subsidize moms to stay at home, that they might start looking for efficiencies in that "paying to parent" system she wants to set up - fire her, put the kids in large centralized dormitories, and pay 17-year-olds $8.00/h to supervise. The hand that rocks the invisible market, after all...

Cameron Campbell said...

Odd how the invisible hand always winds up looking like a fist.

What I don't understand, what I've never understood, is how so many of these people talk about choice but what they really mean is "the choice that I support and only that one".

I remember an interesting article in La Presse when the CPC put out their child care benefit dealy: in it one single mother said something to the effect "do they expect me to quit my job and stay at home for $4000 a year?".

It's an appeal to the social conservative base masquerading as "fairness"

Sara said...

This is "what the fuck" I want Cynic.

Our policies are as follows,

Family Tax Fairness to be adopted by the Finance Minister of Canada (Income Splitting)

Long Term Advocacy
• Parental choice should be available through financial equalization factors and taxation by way of a model of a childcare benefit voucher system similar to the Australia model recognizing the four parental choices of: parent/partner/guardian in the family home; care by a relative; regulated private-home day care; licensed day home, child care centre, nursery school or preschool/kindergarten facility. The signatories agree that parental choice is the cornerstone for all decisions

• Taxation must view the family unit as a whole and follow a ‘family taxation’ policy giving stay-at-home families and single parents the opportunity to equalize taxation and must also allow families of dual income to income splitting. All policies must be voluntary to family perspective.

• All tax credits must be provided for provisions for equalization of all parents regardless of parental choice in childcare.

• Governments must separate funding parental childcare choice initiatives from capital funding plans, thereby demonstrating the necessity to address childcare in both contexts.

• Expansion of licensed childcare spaces should follow the model established in Nova Scotia (circa 2007) with low cost loans and cost-sharing grant, encouraging the development of both commercial and non-profit programs licensed programs. This model provides credible accountable use of taxpayer money and expands parental choice options.

Increasingly stay at home parents are being treated like second hand citizens because of the “privacy law” in Canada, and the decreased amount on how the government treats them.

Tax laws, credit departments, banks and even the Revenue Canada Agency does not recognize parenting at home as a economic value and constantly decreases the value of a parent when taxes are raise,and credit are added.

Tax laws
Bank Accounts
Credit Bureaus
Hydro Smart meter
Tax Credits

Are just a few problems parents at home face and we must come together to alleviate the strain on parents just because they childcare their own children.

Parents who use daycares are also finding financial restraint due to over prices costs and unavailable childcare spaces across Canada.

Moms, dads, grandparents, neighborhood care, friends, centers, are all childcare to us. We need to stand together and work with any government to ensure our children’s need are met.