Saturday, July 18, 2009

Say hello to a whole new level of whiny dumbassitude.

Recently, I turned on comment moderation here at CC HQ, because of a nasty infestation of blogger Spam that thinks I need to be reminded, countless dozens of times, about Yahoo hacking. So I enabled moderation, but in what I thought was a fairly clever and selective way -- it would apply only to comments being left on posts that were more than three days old, which seemed like a reasonable idea since a) virtually all of that Spam was being left (curiously) only on older posts and, b) after three days, most readers have moved on and rarely bother going back that far to continue whining and pissing and moaning and kvetching and yammering on and on and, God help us, childishly, panty-yankingly on.

This morning, I checked the moderation queue to find 59 comments waiting for the CC HQ stamp of approval: 57 telling me they like me, offering me Viagra, and making sure I know that they can teach me how to hack Yahoo, Hotmail and Facebook. And these two here:

Malcolm+ said...

Ah, so you're accustomed to having people out you as a bigot.
10:30 AM

and here:

Malcolm+ said...

You prefer never to be challenged then?
10:32 AM

Yes, that would be recent arrival and "Neo Conservative" sock-puppet Malcolm+ who, yes, really does think as slowly as you suspected and is now clearly convinced that we here at CC HQ want nothing more than to trump his right to free speech in someone else's living room and to be a total and utter twatwaffle, whinging on about topics that everyone else has long since abandoned because there's more news out, which is kind of why we call it "news" but none of this matters to Malcolm+, who, dear God, wants desperately to be a free speech martyr of some kind to the point where he's brought the wood and is now handing you the hammer and nails.

Now if only Malcolm+ could keep up with the conversation, we could avoid these little unpleasantries in the future. Sadly, I don't see that happening. Mostly because Malcolm+ is a pissy little wank, but I suspect you'd already figured that out by now.

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KEvron said...

jesus christ, crackers! flog dead horses much?!


wv = "coiners". i count myself among their ranks.