Friday, July 31, 2009

And this is where we juxtapose ...

Blogging Tory and Depends spokesperson Sandy Crux is pissed about government medical wait lists:

Truly the situation for Ontario’s parents with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder regarding funding for ABA treatment is urgent. Yet, the McGuinty Liberal government is seriously dragging their feet.

And speaking of medical wait lists ...

Unsurprisingly, you will search the Blogging Tories in vain for someone bitching about a lack of medical isotopes. Imagine that.


Southern Quebec said...

Did the lack of isotopes make Sandy's Conservative Accomplishment List? Because, let's face it, the Cons own it.

Ti-Guy said...

Sandy bleats, here:

I see that I have been targeted this evening. Obviously, this post has hit a nerve in some quarters. I have given a logical reason for PM Harper’s behaviour and some don’t like that I guess. They would rather rant and rave about what was a made-up story I guess.

So, since I don’t intend to give any trolls or their friends a soap box, I will be shutting off comments on this thread and leaving full moderation on everything else. Why? Because even if I don’t approve comments, I still have to read the childish garbage.

Do they win when I turn off comments? I don’t think so because the post is still out there on the search engines for all to see.

And then sniffs:

By the way, if anyone notices that I have temporarily removed the Harper Gov’t Accomplishments link from my side bar, it’s because an anti-Conservative blogger had linked to it to make fun of it.

She's gold. I think commenters with PhD's should be exempt from the general practise of avoiding nut-picking.

CC said...

Um ... wow. Just wow."Hermetically sealed" doesn't begin to describe that.

P.S. By the way, Sandy, I'm not "anti-Conservative," I'm "anti-stupid." It's not my fault that the two are indistinguishable these days.

Ti-Guy said...

You notice how vague she is about who's critising her. As far as I know, you're the only one. As for commenters, well, they always disappear before anyone can gauge just how trollish they were. I haven't even attempted to comment there in over a year, I believe.

Not that I'm moved to, since it's only the regular harridans, shrikes and burbly ditzes (Liz J., Alberta Girl and Joanne True Blew, etc.) who meet with her approval. An authoritarian gynocracy if ever there was one. ;)

JJ said...

"An authoritarian gynocracy if ever there was one."

"Gynocracy" ftw!!! Hahahahaha that's great

Frank Frink said...

Unsurprisingly, you will search the Blogging Tories in vain for someone bitching about a lack of medical isotopes. Imagine that.

Well, yeah. They're French and vote BQ. Who cares if they have to wait.

Luna said...

She's right that the waitlist for ABA treatment is insane, and just plain inhumane. If only she'd see the hypocrisy... Wait, what am I saying? That'd require logic.