Saturday, July 18, 2009

The major is a douchebag: The Stefan Cook Chronicles.

Am I a bad person for enjoying this so much?

Which one is lying - Major Stefan F. Cook, USAR or Orly Taitz?

... Military personnel records show that Maj. Cook requested to serve on active duty on May 8, 2009 which was well after he would have been fully aware of the “birther” movement if the statements of his attorney prove to be true. Ms. Taitz also stated that Maj. Cook signed a consent letter in February 2009 which authorized her to represent him against President Obama. According to Ms. Taitz, Maj. Cook’s consent was given at approximately the same time as Lt. Col. Earl-Graef, USAFR, MC, who is listed as a plaintiff in the lawsuit involving Maj. Cook which was thrown out on July 16, 2009 by a federal district court judge according to a report appearing in the Ledger-Enquirer. I asked Maj. Cook's attorney several times if my information was correct regarding the timing of her involvement with Maj. Cook and she stated repeatedly that he contacted her in February 2009. However, when asked about producing the consent letter, Taitz wavered stating that she had “so many” she could not be sure when it was signed or where it was located. In my opinion, the statements of Ms. Taitz confirm that Maj. Cook is a liar and made a false statement to the Army when he requested to serve on active duty in Afghanistan; a duty he had absolutely no intention of fulfilling. The good news is that the Maj. Cook may have cause to file a lawsuit against his attorney, Ms. Taitz for failing to keep her mouth shut about her involvement in his case.

I'm not sure that Taitz's blabbling about how early Cook got involved is all that big a deal since Cook himself yakked about it on Free Dominion back in March. So it's not like Taitz is spilling the beans or anything but, as a lawyer, she really is a stunningly incompetent airhead and twatwaffle.

And watch Taitz and fellow lunatic Alan Keyes get posterised on CNN:

The biggest disappointment in that clip is that no one has the sense to challenge either Taitz or Keyes and ask the obvious question: "What evidence do you have that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S.?"

The entire "birfer" movement is based on the unwillingness of complete fuckwits to accept any evidence that's placed in front of them. But, as far as I know, no one has challenged them to produce a positive case -- that they have any evidence that Obama was born elsewhere. Surely, the most basic question to ask would be, "Where do you believe he was born?" And if they have no answer, tell them to please, for the love of God, fuck off and stick their collective heads in a threshing machine.

Come on, MSM, step up here -- ask the obvious questions. Wait patiently for the dodging, weaving and tap dancing. Then tell them to fuck off.

P.S. Make sure you check out Skilling's previous article here, where he patiently lays out how many military crimes he thinks Cook might be guilty of.


Ti-Guy said...

But, as far as I know, no one has challenged them to produce a positive case...

But if the "journalists" did that, the story would be over.

This is why I don't watch television news anymore. Every time I hear a CBC Radio host ask "what evidence can you point to that supports that?", my faith in humanity is restored, if only so slightly. You don't learn anything new with the absence of evidence.

Zorpheous said...

These people are clinically insane

That guy said...

Love it. After about a dozen pieces of evidence, Keyes says he wants "some evidence." He's nuts.

KEvron said...

sheesh. oily has all the style of a baltimore hon.


Adam C said...

Bah. They have lots of evidence:
- a statement by Obama's Kenyan grandmother that she was present at her birth
- a tape recording of a Kenyan diplomat saying that Obama's funeral would be in his "place of birth" in Kenya according to tradition
- records of a visit Obama made to Pakistan during a ban on US visitors to that country (actually "prior to" rather than "during", but who's counting?)

And so on and so forth. When you're this obsessed, any straw constitutes concrete evidence. There's nothing to call them on, because their fantasy world knows no boundaries and any contradiction is simply evidence of the conspiracy against them.