Monday, July 20, 2009

... and then there's reality.

Blogging Tory "Gay and Right" Fred does what Blogging Tories do best -- stenography:

One thing Bush deserves credit for....

He has saved lots of lives in Africa...

The president of the International AIDS Society says new research indicates the incidence of HIV is decreasing in African countries helped by George W. Bush's AIDS initiative.

And for people who prefer to dabble in, you know, facts:

How Bush's AIDS Program is Failing Africans

The president's much-lauded international AIDS initiative has succeeded in saving lives through treatment. But its abstinence-focused prevention programs have put many more lives in jeopardy.

Reality: Apparently, it's only for lefties.

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Unknown said...

Didn't a lot of the money Bush pledged for Africa never make it anywhere near the country in the first place? I remember a lot of talk about it, but no idea where I'd find actual numbers.