Friday, July 31, 2009

What Gordie said.

After having started out badly by yammering on about abortion earlier in the year, Gordie Canuk is hitting his stride. Not surprisingly, Suzie All-Caps shows up and acts retarded. It's what she does.

We're not done here.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that it's an act with SUZIE....

Ti-Guy said...

I'm more concerned that Alpha Wingnuts like Monte Solberg are writing columns in the national media with headlines like "Deaths put spotlight on Muslims."

Why didn't the murders-suicide in Smith last week put the spotlight on Albertans with their higher homicide rate? Homicide in Western Canada, with its culture of death, is a very under-examined issue.

liberal supporter said...

OT: Hunter the Quitbull is on full moderation now.

Of course it's perfect. I can still point out the hypocrisy and she has to just take it and fume, unless of course she lets it through so she can do a Sawah type snigger, wink and sneer.

She won't right away, but just like Neo, who did not delete one of my comments on the last day I commented there, she'll eventually cave and show her hypocrisy and inability to stick to anything too.

============== hunter 07-31
So let's get this clear. Your buddy "Eskimo" moans about Gayle wasting company time to come here.

Now that you are moderating, you have to visit the site regularly to approve the golden nuggets of wisdom from your approved useful idiots.

In other words you are now wasting company time on your blog.

Unless of course you are unemployed. Maybe YOU are the newly unemployed Kory!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't the murders-suicide in Smith last week put the spotlight on Albertans with their higher homicide rate?
Monte is all about selective outrage... or is that called pandering to your wingnuts?

liberal supporter said...

Monte is bankrupting small agricultural economies by flooding the world with so much straw. He likes to claim that everyone who disagrees with his far right politics wants to have sharia law and thinks honour murder is somehow ok.

That is his usual attempt at false equivalence. He is the one who wants to radically change our system and all our institutions. He'll gladly use the canard of saving us from sharia or honour murder to institute his own police state, the New Solberg Order.

Gordie Canuk said...

JJ and I had a nice exchange with respect to my views on abortion, I always (well almost always) respond to questions which are asked in a reasonable tone. I've done my last post on that least as a primary subject.