Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still not quite grokking that "New Media" thingy.

Blogging Tory Chucker Canuck is some kind of pissed that he has to read this kind of vacuous drivel:

Everyone can breath easy, Iggy is back from where he never went. I found out because Iggy has a tweet account where he drops lots of great insights about himself and his life. Like here's the latest:

"Enjoying a rare day at home reading Canadian Adam Gopnik's Angels & Ages. Great book beautifully written. 7:54 AM Jul 18th from web"

It was at that point that someone took Chucker quietly aside and explained to him that reading someone else's "tweets" was entirely voluntary and absolutely no one was forcing him to do it.

"Really?", replied Chucker. "Wow, that's kind of cool, then."


Mike said...

Maybe Chucker's is upset because reading a book is so, you know, elitist.

Bismark said...

Another misfire from the aptly named Chucker [of shit].

Frank Frink said...

For true hilarity there's the man who almost, I say almost, makes Sarah Palin's Twitter stream look sane. Yes, really