Sunday, July 12, 2009

Now THAT'S funny!

Heh. Indeed. I always suspected those morons share a single brain amongst the lot of them.

AFTERSNARK: It's truly entertaining that, after commenter "John Cross" writes of trying to comment at Mr. Currie's:

There is something funny going on at Jay’s site. It wasn’t letting me post either from work or from home. SO I started to play around and found that it was my name that was keeping me from posting. If I post using the name JC instead of John Cross, no problem.

Jay shrugs his shoulders and responds thusly:

On comments: poor John seems to have been consigned to comment purgatory for no reason that I can figure out. I am working on it and am happy to try to post whatever he writes.

It's odd how people just end up "consigned to comment purgatory" at Jay's place, for no apparent reason. It's like Jay is off mowing the lawn or something, and his blog takes it upon itself to simply start reorganizing itself while Jay isn't looking. No problem, though -- Jay is happy to "try" to post whatever John writes, but I'm guessing there's no guarantee of success, is that it, Jay?

Poor Jay. Someone really should take him aside someday and explain how those blog things work. Really, it's not all that hard.


Dr.Dawg said...

The problem appears to be that he permits the obtuse Blazing Cat Fur to moderate a couple of days a week. That's why it's only T-Guy, myself, John Cross and (IIRC) truewest who find ourselves in that purgatory Jay writes of.

To press the metaphor, when I supplicate, I do receive Jay's grace, and he "posts my comments manually." :)

Ti-Guy said...

Jay's a liar. End of story.

CC said...

The duplicity and cowardice of these people is really entertaining. From not allowing comments, to allowing them selectively, to moderating, to suddenly deciding to moderate, to editing comments, to losing them, to cutting off discussion entirely when they're getting their ass handed to them, to accidentally blocking dissenters ... God, what intellectual cripples.

And Jay is easily the worst of the bunch -- "Gosh, I can't imagine why people who disagree with me suddenly can't comment; it's just a mystery!"


Mike Brock said...

I will only say this: on my blog, I was accused several times by both lefties and socons for banning them.

Every time I received an email from these individuals, I would have to page through hundreds of comment spams in my spam filter to find and unlock said comments, which I did diligently every time.

The comment spam filter in WordPress and MovableType are both, in my experience, extremely susceptible to false positives.

Of course, said individuals in most cases never accepted this explanation and believed and continue to believe that I was just "making it up" in order to save myself the embarrassment of having to admit I'm a hypocrite on free speech--which of course, is a far more entertaining explanation for my detractors than the actual truth of the matter.

CC said...

Or, Mike, you could do what we do here at CC HQ -- simply require commenters to have a valid (possibly pseudonymous) ID, and let everyone have at it, no restrictions, no moderation, no selection, no editing, no holds barred.

That kind of avoids the problem in the first place. But I'll understand if you're not keen on that sort of thing, being the Free Speech Warrior that you are.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't know why Mike Brock is interested in this all of sudden. Although I don't have any serious doubts about his integrity, he has back-channel associations with this crew of mendacious conspirators. the way, this drama is the only thing that makes the blogosphere remotely entertaining.

no restrictions, no moderation, no selection, no editing, no holds barred.

In case some pedant jumps on you, you should add that you will delete after a fair warning. Which is fine by me. Indeed it's happened to me.

Dr.Dawg said...


So far at Jay's, Arn-, er, the spam filter, seems to be remarkably selective:

John Cross, balbulican, Ti-Guy, myself, and, if memory serves, truewest.

I'd believe your explanation if a single right-wing commenter had experienced this, but I follow the comments at Jay's, and there have been no such complaints.

I don't thing it's Jay, necessarily, but his evil twin. :)

CC said...


It doesn't matter if it's the filter or Arnie -- the main issue is that Jay appears to be too fucking stupid to figure out why this keeps happening. And, more to the point, he doesn't particularly seem to give a shit.

Why you folks keep popping by there to given that imbecile a minute of your time is beyond me. Your masochism truly knows no bounds.

Ti-Guy said...

"I don't thing it's Jay, necessarily..."

This is why certain discussions never end.

Why you folks keep popping by there to given that imbecile a minute of your time is beyond me.

I'm still trying to figure it out...loony or dishonest? Lately, he's gone completely 'round the bend with respect to Jennifer Lynch.

And you know that I'm a big critic of free speech absolutism. It's one of the biggest shams ever perpetrated on democrats.

Dharma Satya said...

Ti-Guy, the issue is that none of these conservative air-heads has the intelligence necessary to understand "free" does not equal "without consequence".

They honestly think they have some sort of monopoly on morality, which in their poisoned, addled little minds means that anything they say or do ought to be free of consequences... for themselves alone.

Of course, smart people who can think for themselves know differently. Unfortunately for the righties, those people are not usually ones who would call themselves "conservative". (Funny how that works, innit?)

John Cross said...

It is strange since I thought it was my IP that was rejecting me. But it turns out to be my name (not just e-mail address) that gets ignored (the comment does not even show up as being held for moderated).

To be fair to Jay, he has posted everything I e-mailed him. However, I also tried to post on a global warming thread over at Raphael site. I only posted 1 comment, but it never saw the light of the day.


KEvron said...

"but it never saw the light of the day."

nor has his real name....