Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why stupid people shouldn't be allowed to have blogs.

Because they have a tendency to post dumbassitude like this:

Bush Approval Rating: What about Congress

A lot is made of the George W. (Hitler) Bush dismal approval ratings, what with the constant reminders brought to us via the MSN [sic]. Yet, for some strange reason, the media seems to avoid reporting on the approval ratings given the United States Congress ... I wonder why?

So let's follow Paul's link to Bush's approval ratings to find that, yes, Commander Codpiece has an approval rating of about 34 per cent.

Now let's follow Paul's link to Congress' approval rating to find that, sho' nuff, the overall approval of Congress is even lower at 32 per cent.

But wait! What's this? If you examine that second link closely, at the top, you find some additional links labelled Congress: Republicans and Congress: Democrats where if -- unlike Paul -- you're sufficiently curious, you'll learn that Congressional Democrats have a current "Excellent/Pretty Good" rating of 35 per cent, while Republicans weigh in at a noticeably poorer 22 per cent. My, my, my ... the things you learn if you take the time to look a little closer.

And as for Paul's contention that "the media seems to avoid reporting on the approval ratings given the United States Congress," well, someone should really introduce Paul to Google. Then he might not sound quite so retarded.

Well, OK, he might not sound quite so retarded about that particular topic. I doubt we could do much for the rest of his public image.

. Shorter Paul: "If you ignore the growing mountain of corpses, things are actually going quite well. Front Page Magazine says so."

P.S. Go ahead, Dave ... take him apart. You know you want to.

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Dave said...

Wow. I have a hangover... but even if I didn't Paul's post would continue to be gibberish.

It's sort of like standing up to your armpits in a sewer looking for one particular turd.