Saturday, May 12, 2007

Steve Gilliard update.

Damn it. Some time back I posted about the health situation of Steve Gilliard of the Newsblog. At the outset, it appeared that Steve had a bad flu and he entered the hospital. Since then his health has deteriorated. It turned out that he had a severe infection that affected his heart. Steve had been on dialysis for some time and has had prior heart surgery. This bout led to valve replacement and he suffered a stroke during recovery. After showing some signs of improvement he has taken a turn for the worse with a sever infection. Jen, Steve's co-blogger has been doing a stellar job keeping the site up and running with guest posts from some of the finest writers on the net. She has also been fighting the good fight in advocating for Steve's care.

I don't put much stock in prayer but I'd ask you all to send some good thoughts Steve's way. He is literally fighting for his life. If you don't know Steve Gilliard's writing, visit the Newsblog and scan the archives. His fierce writing is informed by a depth of historical scholarship that will be sincerely missed until his return. Even when I've disagreed with Steve, I've always learned from him. Get well soon you magnificent bastard, the toobs need you.

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