Friday, May 18, 2007

OK, did not think that one through.

Neo-Conservative gives us a short course in the dangers of religious accommodation:

Some animals are more equal...

Than others...

-- EDMONTON -- A Hutterite community in Alberta that believes willfully being photographed is a sin has won the legal right to have a provincial driver's licence without a picture.

Madam Justice Carole Conrad wrote in yesterday's 37-page decision that driving is important to the Hutterites' communal way of life, and the lack of photo-free licences violated their Charter rights.

Where would we be without the sacred Charter of Rights... I mean, besides having one system of law that applied equally to each and every one of us?

A perfectly valid concern since, if you bend on driver's licenses', the next thing you know, those Hutterite bastards will be getting all uppity and refusing to, you know, dispense contraceptives at pharmacies and ridiculous stuff like that, yammering on about how it violates something or other.

Pains in the ass, those folks.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what their passports look like?

That guy said...

Somehow I don't think they travel a lot.