Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I think David MacLean's life just got a bit more uncomfortable.

And over here, Giant Political Mouse ties up some loose ends regarding the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Federation's David MacLean but, truth be told, I have just a small bone to pick with GPM when he writes near the bottom of that post:

It is not the anonymity of David that we have a problem with, it is his unacceptable attacks on our blogs. If he wants to pick a false name and start a false blog, fine, go ahead.

Actually, that's exactly what I have a problem with -- David's use of a pseudonym. It's one thing if David wanted to blog/comment under a pseudonym on topics totally unrelated to his position with the STF. If David was an active member of a Star Trek blog, no one would give a shit if he made an ass of himself using the online name of "ferengis_rool" or something equally inane.

But it's a totally different thing when he chooses to blog/comment anonymously on the very issues that he represents publicly on behalf of the STF. That is absolutely unacceptable behaviour.

If David chooses to be a public and named advocate on behalf of certain political viewpoints, then it's only fair that he take responsibility for his writings -- all of them. To do anything less is pure cowardice, plain and simple.

And no amount of tap-dancing should allow David to dismiss this as no big deal.

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