Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Steve Janke: He's so adorable when he's tap dancing.

The premature eJankulator puts on his Boy Detective decoder ring, then fills us in on the latest adventures of "Taliban Jack":

The NDP organized a fund-raiser for IRFAN, a registered charity, but one that has been alleged to have strong ties to Hamas. Those allegations have been known to the highest levels of the Canadian government, and widely reported in the press. But despite that, the NDP feels that helping raise thousands of dollars for this group is a worthy exercise, and MPs Alexa McDonough and Irene Mathyssen lent their presence to make sure as much money as possible is sent from Canada to this group.

Shocking! Shocking, I say! Although, if memory serves ... ah, here's Steve again:

Jason Kenney, Conservative MP, has been called a hypocrite for criticizing a Liberal MP who spoke in support of a terrorist organization this past week, but who himself appeared at a rally for yet another terrorist organization in April 2006. That group was listed as a terrorist group, under a different name, in May 2005.

Oooooh ... that's gotta be awkward. No problem though since, according to Steve, Kenney apparently had no clue about, well, anything:

Jason Kenney grabbed a megaphone and spoke some words of support for democracy ... Kenney didn't even know that the rally was for the PMOI ...

Ted, though, would beg to differ:

Kenney, of course, denies knowing that the rally was organized by a terrorist group. However, after initially saying he couldn't even remember being at the rally and then saying ""I told them I would pass by if I could. And I was running up to the Hill, I just literally grabbed a megaphone", he then seems to recollect a great detailed about the preparations, about the due diligence done before attending, about the circumstances leading to his invitation to speak, about the interview conducted with the organizer before the meeting, and so on. That certainly undermines his claim that he merely "grabbed a megaphone" while he was "running up the Hill". Given his boast that he also "double-checked the background" of the organizers, it is hard to imagine it just happened to have slipped his mind to also ask them what the rally was about.

I like it. Now, in addition to the Alberto Gonzales defense of "I don't recall," we now have the Jason Kenney defense of "Please don't blame me, I'm too stupid to be held responsible for anything."

Yeah, that sounds about right.


MgS said...

Kenney is not stupid. Sleazy, dishonest and thuggish - with a side order of greasiness for good measure, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Here we have MPs helping a community help children orphaned by the Lebanon conflict last year (a conflict which revealled the Harper government's complete ineptitude in dealing with a crisis), a laudable act. I live in London and attended the dinner, and it was attended by representatives from many faith communities in London including...folks from the Jewish community, Anglicans, United Church members, the Bahai faith. I'm sure there were others, but you can only meet so many people in one evening and the dinner was sold out at 400 people.
Of course doing their homework and getting their facts straight is hardly a strength of the Conservative government, let alone their ideological supporters like Janke.

Next I suppose he'll be attacking Mathyssen for holding a BBQ fundraiser for the Cancer Society at her office, or maybe criticizing her host an exchange student charity breakfast that raised money for school breakfast programs for children.

We've never had a better MP in London, from any party, than Irene Mathyssen. I'm proud to have voted for her and will sure be voting for her again.

Shows how desperate Conservative pundits are to distract from their own MPs incompetence when they have to attack a classy lady like Irene.