Monday, May 07, 2007

Brian Lemon giveth, and Brian Lemon taketh away.

Blogging Tory Brian Lemon is seriously annoyed by that gosh-darned, CBC liberal media bias:

This morning, driving to the links, I tuned into CBC Sunday Edition...

This morning's show opened with an essay on Iraq by [Michael] Enright - certainly the most uninformed, biased report on Iraq to which I have ever been an audience (I suspect there were a few dozen others.)

If Brian thinks the CBC is biased, he's apparently never watched Fox News. But I digress. Onward.

Every possible facet of the struggle for democracy was deemed to be a failure (notwithstanding that the population turned out to vote - with risk of assassination - in higher numbers than ever in Canadian history.

Yes, by God ... how dare Michael badmouth a national election that set out to promote democracy, reduce violence, encourage a withdrawal of foreign, occupying troops and restore sovereignty to Iraq, and accomplished exactly none of the above? Why, the nerve of that man! What blinders he must be wearing. But Brian isn't done:

And notwithstanding that even ABC says that things are getting much better.

Um ....they do? OK, let's watch the video that Brian seems to be so proud of that allegedly demonstrates that:

Hmmmmmm ... now maybe it's just me, but the signs of "getting much better" in that video seem to be very carefully qualified, and also seem to be the result of more military force on the streets rather than an actual "improvement" of any kind. But, hey, Brian, how good are things, really?

And reports I get from US soldiers say that people in Baghdad live pretty normal lives - the kids go to school every day, Dad goes to work and Mom to the market. Every week or so there's some gunfire or bomb noise somewhere within earshot and people go inside for an hour or two.

Cool. Life is almost back to normal, except for that weekly nuisance ... you know, like this:

Car bombs kill 42 in Baghdad

Baghdad, May 6: Insurgents detonated more car bombs in Baghdad today, killing at least 42 people and shattering a short-lived lull in the sectarian violence blighting life in the Iraqi capital.

(It's amusing to have Brian describe life in Baghdad as "Every week or so there's some gunfire or bomb noise somewhere within earshot" when the very video he provides states that "Baghdad is still rocked by car bombs every day." I'm guessing Brian never made it that far into the video.)

In short, Brian's post is based on a misrepresentation of the actual news and an apparently deliberate omission of facts that contradict his basic thesis -- an obvious example of right-wing bias, wouldn't you say? Gosh, if only there were a place where someone could go to, say, report on that kind of bias. Wouldn't that be great?

Oh, well ... it was just a thought.

BY THE WAY, BRIAN, how's that bias registry coming, anyway? Whoa ... a veritable hotbed of activity. Please, folks, a single line if you would. And no pushing.


Ti-Guy said...

"Driving to the links?" Well, there goes my theory that the Little Citrus is only 12.

I'm surprised someone that stupid can golf, but less operate a vehicle, but what do I know?

chris said...

Weren't there more names on that list yesterday?