Friday, May 04, 2007

Life in the Blogging Tory hermet-o-sphere™.

I realize I sound like a broken record, but it's really quite entertaining to watch the Blogging Tories, as a single-minded collective, utterly ignore some of the biggest stories out there. I mean, to a person, all 300+ of them will simultaneously turn a blind eye to anything that doesn't play nicely with their ideological agenda.

Take, for instance, the story I referenced earlier where Republican Congresscritter Dana Rohrabacher told unappreciative audience members, regarding terrorism, "Well, I hope it’s your families, I hope it’s your families that suffer the consequences."

Not surprisingly, this story is all over the news, as one can see via Google. And yet, from the BTs ... nothing. Not a word. Not a single member of that entire collection of inbred troglodytes could be bothered to voice even a little discomfort over a right-wing politician that explicitly wished harm could come to other Americans.

And closer to home, the Canadian MSM is absolutely abuzz with the news that one Col. Steve Noonan specifically reported and documented that Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan were so taken aback by the abuse inflicted on a detainee they had just turned over to Afghan authorities that they took him back into custody.

Not surprisingly, this makes bald-faced liars out of the entire corps of Conservatives who have been denying all along that there have been any specific allegations of abuse, and the story has been covered, among other places, at CTV, CBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, National Post and other CanWest media outlets. I mean, Jesus, even the batshit-crazy right-wing Washington Times had something to say about it!

And the Blogging Tories? Really ... did you even have to ask?

P.S. In all fairness, though, we shouldn't be too hard on BT co-founder Stephen Taylor. After all, it's a tough job poring over all those accumulated CBC news videos, waiting patiently for them to make a split-second mistake, then sanctimoniously blogging about it.

That does, of course, cut into Stephen's time for covering, you know, real news, but it's a price I'm sure he's willing to pay.

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