Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's what we call a "conflict of interest," Dave.

David, David, David ...

Bush staffer failed to disclose Conrad Black payments.

Black is currently on trial in Chicago for fraud and racketeering. Prosecutors allege he and three co-defendants stole $60 million from his former company, Hollinger Inc. Former Bush speechwriter David Frum has publicly defended Black against the charges. But Harper’s Ken Silverstein reports that between September and December 2000, Frum received $16,667 a month from Hollinger, an arrangement he has failed to disclose. Frum said he feels no need to reveal the payments when defending Black because disclosures “can easily become silly and pedantic.”

Oh, crap. If only he'd used the word "shallow" instead, the joke would have written itself:


calugg said...

"Silly and pedantic?"

How about "Kept man."

If the Merry Widow fits....

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, it's all coming out now, isn't it?

Pimps and whores.