Friday, May 04, 2007

Well, if you can't trust the NRSP, ...

Apparently, you shouldn't take that whole IPCC climate change report seriously 'cuz the NRSP says so. Yeah, that NRSP.

I guess we should be grateful she didn't start that piece with "According to Drudge...". That would have been truly depressing.


Adam C said...

This is the garbage "findings" that NRSP is referring to... and it is amazing. They just won't accept even the most basic of observational evidence. As CC is fond of saying, "I wasn't there, and if I was I didn't do it, and besides, that SOB had it coming..."

Niles said...

Thanks for this, CC. Work actually provided a viewing of "An Inconvenient Truth" on office time this past week for anyone interested, with a panel of people in the company working on ghg and climate change issues taking questions after.

While the upshot of the panel was that the company believes climate change is happening and they intend to get out in front of the parade to change technologies, one panelist ill advisedly said to type in "rebuttal to al gore" in Google to find dissenting science. When asked how viewers were supposed to tell the shine from shinola, he mumbled about just reading enough until one found something 'comfortable'.

Fortunately someone who knew what they were talking about showed up late and took over.

The computer geek'utes' and I took up the challenge and laughed our way through the google results. Then we did more searching so we could recommend sites to the less web traveled at work.

We decided the IPCC website was the most conservative, yet detailed site for information out there. We thought, if a bunch of governments and scientists can agree on this, who could possibly disagree?

We should have known better...

I've sent the links to the 'utes' so they can get a morbid laugh out of it as well.

M@ said...

Niles, what kind of place do you work at where they actually would dare to show such a film to employees?

And are they hiring?

Niles said...

Well, in some circles, my company is known as one of the great Satans. ie: One of the major international oil and gas companies.

And yes, they're hiring. Although I'll understand if you're not interested now.

As the man who came late and took over Q&A said (and I paraphrase), we're living in declining times of fossil fuels and what we do affects everything. In the end, we're an energy company, not a fossil fuels company. People affected by climate change work for us and live around us and the only way we will attract the best and the brightest is to get out front and make new tech workable and drag the dinosaurs with us (he wouldn't name the parties he diplomatically and ironically called 'reluctant').

Which is not to say they don't have fingers in lobbying pies like crfa, or capp, or cpi, or api, or aei, but their own oilsand and sustainable development employees were grilling them with things I wouldn't call softballs.

I don't know. I guess I could be a biased source being played by upper management talking the talk.

Alison said...

Niles : Some of the most valued players at the Suzuki Foundation came directly from middle management in the oilpatch, and man, do those guys know their stuff! Very grateful to them.