Sunday, May 06, 2007


Most people can't pull off this sort of thing without some serious pharmaceuticals:

Posted by Joel Johannesen

... Al-Qaeda’s second in command, the barbaric Ayman al-Zawahri, took to mocking America—specifically President Bush, in al-Qaeda’s latest video, they explain.

That’s what they tell us in the headline, and tell us first in their story about the video. This, by the way, despite what is actually the recent Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (and all other liberal Democrats) effort to cut and run and issue forth an American surrender of the Iraq effort to al-Qaeda and Iran, who will of course take over there in the event of a surrender. It’s apparent in the video that by mocking President Bush rather than the liberals who actually declared surrender in America, the al-Qaeda leader doesn’t understand that the good President actually vetoed the liberal Democrats’ attempt at surrender. So maybe he’s high on pot, and/or he watches the ridiculous CBC. I don’t know.

And so by logical extension—he’s actually mocking not Bush, but rather the idiotic liberals in America! So the liberal media is no more intelligent than that ass. They also miss the point, much to our amusement over here in the smart set.

I'd love to tie that up with a nice, snarky ribbon to put the finishing touch on it but ... I got nuthin'. Why mess with perfection?

. Via Driftglass: "Christalopithecus." There. Now we're done.

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