Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Canada's™ New™ Govern™ment™ ...

... "getting things done" and "standing up for" obscenely well paid, publicly-funded hos everywhere.

Yes, if I was a God-fearing, "morals and values" Canadian who was all about ethics, accountability and transparency, that's definitely why I voted for Stevie Boy.


Ti-Guy said...

How much more of Bush's choad can Stephen Harper fit in that mouth of his, anyway?

mikmik said...

Yeah, I was choked when I read that. That effer better not give Canada a shitty rep in the rest of the world, or I will personally go stamp a Canadian flag on his forehead with a sledgehammer.
We all know PMS is just as stupid as Bush, but don't add fuel to the fire by licking Bush's ass as well.