Monday, May 28, 2007

Steve Janke could learn a thing or two.

When it comes to sleuthing, this is what you call big-time busted. I'm almost hurt that David's never shown up around here -- I have a towel snap to the nads with his name on it.


Giant Political Mouse said...

Wow! I am such a HUGE CC fan that your link alone was worth the grief that I am taking from the right-wing over this post.

thanks so much for the Hat Tip.

Your fan,


Ti-Guy said...

I suspect a lot of these trolls are working for rightwing institutions and organisations and are disrupting liberal/lefty dialogue as perhaps an undocumented duty in their job descriptions. I mean, officially, the Right doesn't argue in good faith; why should we expect their supporters to do otherwise?

Tasha Kheriddin...time for you and the boy to save Canada's Right again.