Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The CPoC's Scott Reid: Still struggling with that "causality" thing.

Poor Scott Reid -- still having trouble with the concept of "time" and "before" and "after":

Tory MP Scott Reid suggested that New Democrat Pat Martin may have broken the law by giving committee members copies of secret documents in which information that was to be blacked out for public consumption could be read. Even though the supposedly secret excerpts were first published in two newspapers, Reid asked Parliament's law clerk to rule on whether Martin was "guilty of an offence" under the Security of Information Act.

No fear, though, as Scott will have his way as soon as he finishes the construction of his time machine and goes back to prevent the public dissemination of that material in the first place. Then, by God, Martin will be in trouble.

(Wag of the tail to Alison @ Creekside.)


The Seer said...

Ah --- CC --- could you pass along to your friends among the BT's that Paddy Fitzgerald sez in the sentencing memo he filed lately in Scooter's case that Valerie Plame was covert and traveled under cover seven times to ten countries on official business and at the time of her outing CIA was taking affirnmaive measures to conceal her identity?

I bring this up because the BT's seem to think Paddy's prosecution of Scooter was a political hack job, and it might help if you could reorient them to reality.

CC said...

Um, yeah ... and once I "reorient them to reality," I'll get right on transmuting lead into gold and getting my perpetual motion thingy up and running.