Saturday, May 19, 2007

Making good progress, George?

For all of our dear friends in the Friedman collection racket, some required reading is available at Inside Iraq. It's a blog maintained by the McLatchy Baghdad Bureau, updated by Iraqi and U.S. journalists. Here's a few quotes:

From the post, Just Do It,

"Its an irony that the US troops try to improve the social services in the hot spots. This will for sure reflect a bad image about the US trrops more than its now and may increse violence. people may beleive that violence is the only way to get what they want."

"Please pull out your troops quickly. dont fix anything. Dont implement any project and dont forget to take your democracy because we dont want the democracy of blood shedding. Just leave. JUST DO IT"

The next post, Leave,

"We are happy that we got rid of Saddam but we will never be happy to give away our country in return.
Sorry if our flesh harmed your knives... is that what they want us to say. Is this what they came for?
The failure of this invasion is a victory for FREEDOM and a defeat for radicals in U.S. and later in Iraq."

"Oh by the way before the troops leave they better do it right.. give the government 4 months to announce themselves as a transitional government to arrange the troops withdrawal, announce a draft among the Iraqi people to recruit young men in the Iraqi army so it will be national army not sectarian... and postpone the constitution amendments till the troops leave so the people will convince its a legitimate constitution and few things more... PLEASE dont let Bush plan for this, please... he will screw it..."

"we had enough, let our country go free. by staying; you are forcing people to join Al Qaeda and militias."

Followed by, The Right Tribe,

"The gun man gave me back my ID saying "be safe"
          I'm going to tell you what the man was looking for. The Iraqi ID includes a piece of information telling the name of the tribe. Mostly, its easy to know whether the carrier of the ID is Shiite or Sunni by reading his or her tribal name. I dont know who put this piece of information in the ID card but I know for sure that it had been in the ID card for more than 50 years. Also I know that our great government (Allah bless them and send them to heavens so soon) didnt even think about removing this piece of information from the ID although they always repeat that they are working hard in their reconciliation efforts and I think removing this useless and harmful peice of information would save the lives of thousands.
          Thanks Allah I was from the right tribe this time. I'm sure if the gunman was Sunni , my body would be found among the anonymous bodies that police find in Baghdad in spite of the very great secuirty plan that the great Iraqi and US military leaders implement."

Then there's, Forbidden Oasis,

"Every time I cross over from Rusafa (Baghdad, east of the Tigris) to  Karkh (Baghdad, west of the Tigris), my eyes are attracted to a very long line of trucks carrying bricks and other building materials, waiting for their turn to unload in a location that is known only for its magical quality to the greater majority of Iraqis, a locatoin inside that fairyland, the Green Zone"

"Our buildings are in ruins, our electricity nonexsistent, our sewage system flowing backwards, our drinking water would poison any but us - we have developed an immunity.... yet all the bricks, the cement sacks, the iron beams are headed down one direction, on the "Presidential Route" into the Green Zone."

And it goes on like this, tales of loss, misery, deprivation and fear. These are the stories that America and the world aren't hearing out of Iraq. This is the "good progress" that George W. Bush keeps pretending to make, just as hard as he can. Please, dear chickenhawks, go forth and read the words of courageous Iraqis, trying to live in the charnel house your fantasies of surges and liberation have wrought.

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