Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thank God for short memories.

Blogging Tory R. Alexander lets us know in no uncertain terms what he thinks of Muslim taxi drivers in Minnesota refusing to pick up fares who happen to be carrying alcohol:

I think the situation is best summed up by Jack Lanners, chairman of the Metropolitan Airports Commission:

It's not an accommodation issue, it's a service issue. If your job is to take people from one point to another, i.e. in a taxi, then you'd think you'd be qualified.

Exactly. One can only hope such nonsense doesn't spill over into cities in Canada.

Yeah, the freakin' nerve -- allowing your personal, religious beliefs to dictate which members of the public you're prepared to serve. I mean, you let that sort of thing get out of hand and who knows what sort of evil dumbassitude you'll end up with.

I'm sorry -- did I telegraph that one just a bit too much?


Lindsay Stewart said...

and because there is also no parallel between moslem taxi drivers and christian pharmacists that refuse to vend plan b contraceptives, i shall celebrate by striking my forehead with the heel of my hand. what a pack of maroons. a whole other world of intellectual runts in blue.

Rev.Paperboy said...

ah, psa beat me to the christian pharmacists/RU486 link -- curses, foiled again!

Ti-Guy said...

Exactly. One can only hope such nonsense doesn't spill over into cities in Canada.

I guess it never occurs to lil' Bloggin' Torees that their irrational hatred of Muslims and their incoherence when it comes to freedom of action and religious beliefs is exactly what radicalises people to adopt confrontational practices like this.

If something like this does rear its ugly head in Canada, a compromise solution could be that we mark lil' Bloggin' Torees on the forehead with "Islamophobe" and permit Muslim taxi drivers to harass only them.

They shouldn't be drinking anyway.

Luna said...

Typical. Christian pharmacists can refuse to dispense Plan B (which is not the same as RU486 - it isn't an abortion drug) to keep the sluts in line. Christian doctors can refuse do tubal ligations on women (
and Christians can basically impose their beliefs on whomever they want, all with support from the conservative morons, but a Muslim refuses to pick up a person with alcohol? Nonsense! That's a service issue!


Miss Cellania said...

Don't take a job where you can't ethically perform the duties of the job. If the job changes to include something you can't do, quit and do something else. Life goes on.