Sunday, May 06, 2007

What a difference a few words make.

Life in Jonathan's world is so wonderfully simple -- there are good people, and there are evil people:

Pim Fortuyn, a Dutch politician, was murdered by an Islamic extremist 5 years ago today. His death was later followed by Theo Van Gogh, also murdered by a Muslim in plain view. Both men were critical of Islam and its extremist tendencies; they paid for that criticism with their lives.

Here, let me play with that just a bit:

Dr. David Gunn, an American doctor, was murdered by a Christian, pro-life extremist 14 years ago. His death was later followed by Dr. Barnett Slepian, also murdered by a Christian, pro-life extremist in plain view of his family. Both men perfomed medical services that were perfectly legal under American law; they paid for that service with their lives.

Reads just about the same, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad James Kopp took out Barnett Slepian. That babykilling abortinist needed to be stopped from killing any more innocent children and Praise The Lord, James Kopp stopped him. Which do you prefer, live babies or live babykilling abortionists? I prefer lives babies, you babykilling pro-aborts prefer live babykilling abortinists so they can keep on murdering children.

Scotian said...


Yes, it indeed reads pretty much the same all right, which is why folks like your anonymous troll have to resort to such inflammatory excessive rhetoric to try to deflect from its accuracy. Too bad the audience here is far too clever to fall for that tiresome old deflection trick. It is amazing how religious extremism motivated violence is so evil when it is not a person's own religion and how defensible it suddenly becomes when it is their own. Personally, I find all religious extremism repugnant be it Islamic or Christian or Sikh or naked purple polka dot worshipping, as I also do those that excuse violence and murder in the name of such as anonymous did.

Anonymous said...

Bingo! As usual, you've hit the nail on the head, as Scotian so ably wrote. Strange that Anonymous cannot see the forest for the trees.

That guy said...

I was about to make a sarcastic comment about how "well, that's totally different," but the anonymous troll seems to have preempted me.

Dave said...

I have to ask.. (I'm sorry. It's not my habit to hijack threads.)

Anonymous, why in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, did you capitalize the word "praise"?

It's just that out of everything you wrote, THAT stood out as important.

Anonymous said...

'Cause you know, anonymous, the Lord is all for people metting out judgement on their own terms--what's that?? The bible says 'judge not, lest ye be judged'?? Oh, you missed that passage? How about you tend to the planks in your own eyes before you start trying to take the dust out of others.
'Praise the Lord' that someone was brutally murdered?? Yeah--fine upstanding christian values you got there.

Ferdzy said...

Wow. Talk about the cluelessness of evil. Actually, 'Anonymous' probably has some kinda clue, or they wouldn't be 'Anonymous'.

Here, have a hanky. You're frothing.

CC said...

And remember, kids ... no one hates like the Angry, Angry Left.

But you knew that already, didn't you?

Ti-Guy said...

Which do you prefer, live babies or live babykilling abortionists?

We can have both. It's the blastocysts I'm going to be largely indifferent about; since God miscarries so many of them anyway, I'm pretty sure He's on my side, and certainly not on the side of frothing , satanic murder-lovers like you.