Thursday, May 17, 2007

Filibustering Cons on the Job

Bill Curry writes in the The Globe about the Conswervative efforts to waylay a House of Commons committee looking in the many ways they have consummated their conjugal relationships of the canine sort, as regards human rights in Afghanistan.

"The Tory filibuster finally broke after five hours and the witnesses were allowed to speak around 2 p.m.
The meeting of the House of Commons access to information and ethics committee was the second in a row to feature Tory MPs talking at length about procedural minutia to avoid delving into the committee's scheduled work."

New Canada's New Government: Getting things done!

If by done you mean trying to find new ways to hide their ineptitude and malfeasance.

"The opposition pushed for the probe following a recent Globe and Mail report showing how the government initially denied the existence of a report on Afghan human rights conditions, then released a heavily censored version. The Globe then obtained an uncensored version of the report which showed the government had blacked out sections that could be politically embarrassing to the government."

Harper ran on a platform of: Openness, Transparency and Accountability. Well they were sort of right, they show an open contempt for the rules and procedures of the House of Commons and its elected representatives, they're as transparent as a ZipLock full of turds and they behave like angry children on account of they've been caught out in their lies and manipulations.

"The Conservatives were arguing that the opposition failed to give them enough notice for the study and that such a review raises concerns about revealing official secrets."

Yeah. And they needed some more time to run to the store for more black magic markers to redact their own stupidity. After all, what's more important the rights, safety and lives of suspects detained by Canadian forces in Afghanistan or their own political fortunes. Better a few war crimes than a political black eye, right Stevie?

Please Canada, let's have a real government next time. Won't somebody take one for the team and give puffy Steve a blowjob already?


Anonymous said...

A real government - like who - certainly not the Fiberals and definitely not Taliban Jack.
I guess we have the best of a bad lot!
Politicians - phooey!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty much in the "politicians - phooey" came too right now. *sigh*

But see what I miss when I don't get to visit the blog too often! I'll enjoy reading your posts!

Lindsay Stewart said...

best of a bad lot? cripes anon, the minister of safety thinks that jesus and the saurians were strolling the planet at the same time. the conservative response to the issue of treatment of afghan detainees coming out of canadian custody is like a short bus reading of the dead parrot sketch. bev frickin' oda is happily selling off our cultural rights for a limo ride and some off shore lobby lunch tickets. a brick of velveeta would be a bettter choice, at least it has a consistency.

there's no great choice on hand, but harper and his backward bully boys are one fuck of a long way from being best. i shudder at the thought of that pack of business bought, fundie whack jobs gaining a majority. if i suddenly decided to start praying it would be to prevent that from ever happening. i'd take dion or layton in a second over harper, hell i'd take a dachsund with a cabinet made up of poseable action figures before i'd have the oil patch oligarch see more power.

that said, i ain't too far from phooey myself.

thwap said...

Dude lost me when he barfed out "Taliban Jack."

Karzai used to call for negotiations with the Taliban. Til we told the independent president of the sovereign nation of Afghanistan not to.

But now, even some NATO commanders are calling for negotiations.

But maybe anonymous wants the fighting to continue so that he can join the CF and get in a crack.

catnip said...

Won't somebody take one for the team and give puffy Steve a blowjob already?

Great. Now I need to wash my eyes out with bleach.

Lindsay Stewart said...

imagine what some poor volunteer wuld be washing their mouth out with.