Sunday, May 27, 2007

Um ... wow ...

... I mean ... just like ... wow.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME. Just to make sure you caught the howling illogic in DBT's post, let me take you back a few months to here, where I explained how, if the Democrats flexed their muscles and forced the Bush White House into some compromises on Iraq, any further chaos and carnage there would, naturally, be the Dems' fault, which leads you to appreciate the utter dumbfuckery of this idiocy from DBT:

It is a sad state of affairs indeed when the Dems refuse to take responsibility for years of their own rhetoric, especially after last week's Senate vote.

See, if the Dems' had got their way, then Iraq would have been their fault. But since, during last week's Senate vote, the Dems caved to Bush utterly, totally and completely, and effectively gave the Bush White House everything it wanted, well, then, it's somehow still their fault.

I want to live in DBT's world. You know -- one where facts just don't matter anymore. It must be a pleasant place.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I have a fan. You tickle me pink...

You seem to constantly preoccupy yourself with linking to my obviously opposing views to that of your own. Is there some point to all of this? Or am I a target of your anti-conservative agenda?

Believe it or not, and I know it's hard, not everyone agrees with you.