Monday, May 07, 2007

Putting a whole new spin on "transparency."

Apparently, when the neo-Cons were campaigning on a platform of "transparency," they were actually talking about Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn's invisible plane:

Tory minister racks up $150,000 in plane rentals

Updated Sun. May. 6 2007 8:16 PM ET
Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn spent almost $150,000 on rental aircraft flying around Quebec last year but didn't declare any of the flights as a travel expense, documents show.

In fact, the majority of the flights on privately hired planes don't show up anywhere in Blackburn's public disclosure of ministerial travel and were only revealed through an Access to Information request by NDP researchers.

You know, it has to be embarrassing when your political career can be satirized by 24 seconds of "Family Guy."

(Wag of the tail to Devin.)

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The Seer said...

What's the big deal? When I was eight years old, I had an invisible horse, named "Roxie."