Friday, May 04, 2007

There's that compassionate conservatism again.

Shorter Dana Rohrabacher: "Fuck off and die. Really."

AFTERSNARK: Note that, even though Rohrabacher actually came right out and wished that audience members' families were victims of terrorism, you won't find a peep about this over at the Blogging Tories. Fancy that, eh?

On the other hand, can you imagine the coast-to-coast shrieking, bloodthirsty outrage if it had been a Democrat that had suggested such a thing? Yes, that would have been something to behold.


Shannon said...

I couldn't even watch it past the statement about hoping 'their families are the victims of terrorists'.

Absolutely disgusting.

Typical of the so-called 'compassionate' conservatives. Can't expect much sympathy from them for the Muslims who are being tortured, obviously, but if the victims were christians....


E in MD said...

Yeah I saw that and immediately wrote to Babs, Ben and Dutch my three stooges and told them I expected any decent human being would immediately and vocally condemn that asshat. I might give them a call on Monday and leave a message saying the same thing.

My favorite part of his speech though is this: "...America has to go it alone, and people will try to find fault with us rather than trying to at least understand our morality.

Yes. They will understand that America -doesn't have- morality. What else can they possibly think about a country who's founding document explicitly forbids both arrests without a warrant ( except during invasion or rebellion ) and torture.

So, why the hell should THEY show any moral restraint when they get hold of OUR troops? They're only following our example.

What a virulent human being Rohrabacher is and such a shining example of Republican, Conservative Baptist Morality.