Friday, May 18, 2007

Of Constitutions and Crisis

Something has been nagging at the back of my mind while the catalogue of Conservative crookedness just keeps getting thicker. It gets difficult to keep track of all the fibs and manipulations. I knew I had posted something about a time limit on Canada's New Disgovernment but I couldn't quite recall. So I took a trip into the archives.

Ah yes, that was it. Posted on February 9th, "dave at galloping beaver points at this cp globe (now behind the pay wall) diagnosis that gives our ailing new government only 60 days to adapt or be broken. the house will vote on wednesday, on a liberal bill that requires the new government to lay out their new plans for meeting new canada's kyoto accord commitments. this could be the iceberg that sinks the hmcs neocanadian. get one of your wetsuits laundered stockboy, there'll be some deckchairs to rearrange."

The upshot then, was that the Cons had two months to lay out a plan to meet the Kyoto goals or be in breach of the law. They figured they could ignore the law of the land and so far as I can tell, have done just that. They've given us the Clean Air Act which does not approach meeting our Kyoto goals and let's the big polluters continue with business as usual. They've given some poorly devised rebates on certain autos. But still no concrete strategy for meeting our obligations. The sixty days are long gone by.

Sure, they've been busy fibbing about Afghan detainees and human rights violations between bouts of obstructing Parliament. But these are the tough on crime guys, right? Well the law is the law and you conduct a minority government with the laws you have, not the laws you might like to have. Time is up, fuckers.

"60 days. what then? well, that's when things get interesting. if harper and his minority government refuse to abide by the law, they can either call an election or be sued on constitutional grounds. should they fail to comply with a court order, then we enter uncharted territory in canadian politics. a coup d'etat, for all intents and purposes and a constitutional crisis. i hope it doesn't come to that. i think it is time for mr. harper to answer to the people. canadians don't much care for autocrats and these tank grown thinkers don't seem to get it. so let's help them get it."

Seems to me that it's time to remind some of the members of Her Majesty's loyal opposition to check their calendars. I've had enough of the willful bluster of Harper and Day and Flaherty and Baird and Oda and O'Connor and the rest of the knobs fouling the house with their obstructions and lies. I think it is time to put on our voting shoes. What say you?


Anonymous said...

I think they counted their release a month back or so which was basically

sure, we could cut that far back, let's do it the stupidest way possible (close industry, mothball cars), and destroy the economy OH Noes! it can't be done!

See, they came out with a plan, they just deliberately came up with one that was as terrible as possible. It was the equivalent of being asked to formulate a plan to control population growth in northern Alberta by just killing 1/5 of the technically works, so what are you complaining about?

Lindsay Stewart said...

thanks aweb, my understanding of the legislation was that it required the cons to table a plan designed to meet kyoto goals. the drek that they foisted off as the clean air act makes no attempt to meet kyoto and ultimately ignores the requirements of the legislation. so my argument is that they did table something but not what was required by parliament, which puts them in breach of the law. perhaps wiser souls will illuminate the issue.