Friday, August 08, 2008

Dear Patsy: You are so utterly fucked.

From the CC HQ mailbag, with names changed to protect the moderately innocent:

You know how you're always pointing out that blog posting will come back and bite the idiot fringe on the butt and how they always minimize and say you're exaggerating?

I had a job interview yesterday, by video conference to [name of distant country on other side of the planet]. Just before we got going for real one of the guys asked "is your son named [name of son]?" And I said "ummm... yes." and he said "good, I found the right blog".

Oh, yeah, Patsy ... you are screwed big time. Have fun asking folks if they want to super-size that.


Patrick Ross said...


You're beyond pathetic. What are you going to do next, try and figure out if I have any family members you can cyberstalk?

(Cue lie about somehow not cyberstalking Richard Evans' kids despite the fact that the evidence is posted in his own hand. Once again -- pathetic.)

You need to get a girlfriend and stop obsessing over me, you fucking psychopath.

Red Tory said...

In this case, almost complete obscurity works in favour of the Doughy One.

Patrick Ross said...


Hey, Marty:

How does it feel to bow in worship to precisely the same kind of psychopath you continue to pretend you were once only "just protecting yourself from"?

Just asking.

Cameron Campbell said...

Patrick, what the fuck are you talking about you stupid sack of shit?

The point, since you're so fucking inept and moronic to understand it, was that everything you write online, every bit of stupidity, every bit of hate and bigotry, every bit of self agadizing utter crap that you blog about will come back to bite you in the ass.

"Stalk"? YOU POSTED A FUCKING MYSPACE PAGE. The minute you fucking well did that all expectations of privacy were gone.

Grow up you half wit fucktard.