Friday, July 04, 2008

Oh for fuck’s sake.

Shorter Christian Conservative: The Waterloo bomb squad had to be called to a building next door to the campaign headquarters of Guelph Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach. Is nothing too heinous for the Lefties??!!1!1!!!!

No ... really.

And now for a little sanity courtesy of the Guelph Mercury web site:

Guelph Police said they were taking all factors under consideration, including the fact that Kovach's campaign office had just opened Wednesday.


CC said...

Look, I know Blogging Tories really hate abortion providers, but come on ... murdering them in cold blood in front of their families with high-powered rifles is a bit much!

I really wish Christian Conservative would stop doing that. Murdering abortion providers. With rifles. But that's just me.

liberal supporter said...

They are so stupid they can't even do a Reichstag fire right!

Ti-Guy said...

Let's look on the bright some level, Christian Conservative expects bomb threats from detractors.

For wingnuts, this is the closest thing to self-awareness they ever come to.

Frank Frink said...

As it does on most days ending with a 'y', Teh Stoopid Burns Blue.

Notice how he know says, "Hey lefties!!! I was jes' kiddin'."

Isn't that how it always goes when they're busted?

Canada's New Conservatives: Because fruitcake doesn't contain enough nuts.

liberal supporter said...

He's just excited. How often do you think a typical CPC party office sees police outside and they're not carrying a warrant and demanding entry to the CPC offices?

Ti-Guy said...

Notice how he know says, "Hey lefties!!! I was jes' kiddin'."

"Conservatives" accuse the rest of us of every known depravity there is. I don't know why he would think this is funny.

The curriculum for the re-education camps will have to feature a "humour for wingnuts" component. We'll put the Newfoundlanders in charge of that.

LuLu said...

I'm curious to see if he actually has the spine to allow my comment through moderation. I didn't even swear ...

Ti-Guy said...

I'm curious to see if he posts my response to this:

Murdering them isn't a just act, regardless of how much blood is on their hands.

Christo-Con's got the dog-whistle down pat: "Don't kill them even if they are murderers!"

...intern them. Intern them now.

Christian Conservative said...

"...intern them. Intern them now."

Wow, how very "Final Solution-esque" of you, Ti-Guy.

Regardless, I'm sorry if you found my initial crack non-funny. It was simply in reference, well, to posts like this one, and folks like yourself, who seem to have a vitrol hatred of people who simply view life differently than you do.

But I guess I should just say thanks for validating my point.

Anyway, I'm sure this comment will illicit some humourous after-snark, so I'll just close off with a wish for all of you to have a good weekend! (and in the spirit of forgiveness, which I do practice, there's no hard feelings on my end)

Ti-Guy said...

Wow, how very "Final Solution-esque" of you, Ti-Guy.

Thank you.

And yes, we do need a final solution to you religous fascists with your Dominionism and your End Times fantasies.

...otherwise, you'll kill us all.

Christian Conservative said...

"...otherwise, you'll kill us all."

Not so Ti-Guy, because that would be murder... which is an unjustified and unGodly act, remember? :-)