Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Stephen Taylor:

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on how very proud you must be of the Blogging Tories and, more importantly, your star blogger, Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals. After all, she’s been awarded “Best Canadian Blog” by the Weblog Awards (with the help of her slavering, poll-freeping, flying monkey wingtards) for 4 years running. Never mind that the majority of her posts make any normal person feel like taking a shower in bleach - she gets the hits and that's all that matters, right?

And now she’s made Warren Kinsella, that big meanie Liberal operative, look dumb by mocking the Holocaust with the help of Richard Evans, a man with a rather uncomfortable fascination with NAMBLA and white supremacists. Bravo, Mr. Taylor, what a stellar ambassatrix you’ve picked for your little blogging collective.


KEvron said...

i'm still trying to figure out what it is they think they've proved. on the one hand, kinsella received, in good faith, a "survivor's" candor, and he accorded it the proper respect. on the other hand, kkkate and dick find their muse in holocaust survivors.

for the umpteenth time, what the fuck is wrong with these people?!


LuLu said...

I wonder myself - they couldn't all have been dropped on their heads as toddlers, could they?

David said...

Hey hey hey. Now you are being insensitive to those of us who were dropped on our heads. For the record, my dad swears he tried to catch me. And other than blackouts, a raging temper, and a love of "Billy Don't Be a Hero", I seem to be unaffected.

KEvron said...

"Now you are being insensitive to those of us who were dropped on our heads."

couldn't have been much of a bounce: your spelling, syntax and punctuation all appear to be unaffected.

i call it "the litmus test"....


syncrodox said...


I can only assume that this particular brand of snark is beyond your comprehension.

Sad really, as a self professed purveyer of the left brand of snark I would have expected a different reaction from you.

Then again....leftard double standards are just that...double.


p.s. You know what I mean.....empathy for long dead victims of an atrocity vs. empathy for the mother of a barely cold young man who willingly served our country.

Nice Cc.....Nice.

LuLu said...

And I can only assume that simple reading skills are too much for you, Syncro, since I wrote the piece not CC.

Now why don't you toddle off to the Ass Monkey's blog and work yourself into a lather over there, hmmm?

Gabe said...

Once again, the BT minions trot out the tired old rebuttal: "But...but...WANDA WATKINS!!!"

Can't you guys come up with something NEW?

syncrodox said...


I stand corrected. Thanks. I've been preoccupied with real life shit and didn't notice the footer. comment still a co-blogger here I assume you are not unaware of what I refer to.

Birds of a feather and all that.....or does that concept only apply to the BT scum?


LuLu said...

or does that concept only apply to the BT scum?

Hello Freudian slip ...

Pale said...

Hmmm. I don't recall too many on the left giving cc an easy time over that one remark.
I mean, he certainly could have said it better. But I personally agree with his reasoning for sure.
A grieving mother asking for more mothers to support the Government using their own kids as cannon fodder just don't seem right either.
But here come the lackey's, just like their dear leader Harpercrite.
BUT .....THEY SAID!!!!

The Conservative finger of doom comes out....LOOK OVER THERE! Don't look at us.
Almost as if one wrong, negates one of their own making fun of the holocaust of millions.

Watch out, they have probably been sticking that finger up their arses. Yuck.

syncrodox said...


Nice try.....but past crapulence is fair fodder for current righteousness.



One might even call it snark.

Ti-Guy said...

Syncro's an asshole. A divorced asshole, with kids, so he's, y'know...experienced. (and not at all bitter).

Ladies...don't crowd all at once, now.

pretty shaved ape said...

syncro, you've got a peculiar notion of what constitutes snark. nothing that kate and richard perpetrated was snarky. nothing that richard and kate are celebrating as a little victory was remotely funny. there was no irony, sarcasm, wit or cleverness to it. as richard plainly stated, it was a trap. they bated the trap and took cruel advantage of an opponent's better nature. they pranked on the corpses of millions of jews, romany, homosexuals, dissidents and developmentally handicapped people. clap your hands syncro, aren't they jolly japesters.

as for the wanda watkins episode, cc took more than a few hits from the left for that post. but let's conveniently leave out that the discussion that ensued was productive, that cc did in fact admit that his words were ill considered and that ultimately the dialogue led to one of wanda's relatives posting in the comments and being given a free hand to post her thoughts on the front page. let's just ignore that the poorly chosen words were in direct response to a call for more needless death.

so syncro, you can ignore all of the content and context in the world and cling to those precious few words that you hope will damn cc forever. now let us see how kate redeems herself. her special cruelty was serving nothing but spite, rivalry and malice. let us see the extensive and reasoned dialogue that occurs with both ideological opponents and with survivors and their families. let us see what can be learned from an this mean little exercise in petty cruelty. let us just see the quality of the persons you chose to side with. tell us syncro, what lessons will you and we learn from this exercise?

syncrodox said...


Once again I stand corrected. Cruel, reactionary, spittle is snark.

A well laid trap for a pretentious, manipulative windbag is mean.

The lesson that sticks in
my brainpan is realativity.....biologically and socially.


p.s. When a concept works on three or four levels.....I bite.

Dr.Dawg said...

A well-laid trap, forsooth. Pretending to be a Holocaust survivor to get a cheap laugh.

What if someone on the left had done that to Ezra Levant? The petty self-righteousness that is the hallmark of the Right would break all existing boundaries.

Synchro, you and your apologists for this stunning piece of vindictive, hateful crap can go to hell. Frankly, you have no sense of decency.

Now I'm off to NZ and shutting down.

Pale said...

I guess its all about the "eye of the beholder" and all that...
Cause most of us on the left find the intellectually challenged, racist, homophobic, war mongering crapola that many of the BT's write every day more like intellectually challenged, racist, homophobic, war mongering crapola.

syncrodox said...

Dr. Dawg.

I hope you enjoy NZ.

The Kate- Kinsella flamewar has been going on for a bit.

As per my sense of have no idea. As per my sense of reality. Take notes.

pretty shaved ape said...

notes, syncro? i don't need notes. you're an ass. and you find humour where there is none. you admire creeps and you find cruelty clever. way to go. dismissed.

KEvron said...

"Pretending to be a Holocaust survivor to get a cheap laugh."

reads like a ricky gervais bit....


KEvron said...

"As per my sense of have no idea."

am i the only one who shuddered when he read that?


David said...

Said Kevron:

"couldn't have been much of a bounce: your spelling, syntax and punctuation all appear to be unaffected."

Well, I am the victim of high expectations. But, as they say, bumbles bounce.

And speaking of tortured syntax, who is this "syncro"? And why in the fresh hell is anyone engaging this half wit until he writes something at least partially cogent?

LuLu said...

Have a lovely trip to NZ, doc - bring me back some sunshine, will you?

jj said...

"A well laid trap for a pretentious, manipulative windbag

Forget about the trap for a moment and think about the bait -- concentration camp tattoos.

Anyone who can't see what's wrong with this has serious problems.

KEvron said...

"Forget about the trap for a moment"

but only for a moment, because the purpose of the trap still remains a mystery. trap him into what? exposing his sympathy for holocaust survivors? the nerve!

personally, i'd never have taken him for the "holocaust survivor symp" type. i'm crushed by the revelation....


Red Tory said...

Lloyd, you're a blithering idiot and your "sense of decency" isn't noteworthy.

Scotian said...

W. O. W.

I've been staying out of the Canadian blogosphere for the past week or so because I am having some cardiac concerns and I didn't want to get myself too worked up, which this government has a bad tendency of causing in me (details are at Saundrie so I won't repeat them here), but I am breaking that silence for a moment to comment on this.

This is absolutely sickening, and something I would not have believed even of KM (although sadly Richard Evans I would have after his NAMBLA/Stormfront redirects of various close to real bloggers domain names) before actually seeing it. Personally, I have a very low opinion of Kinsella that dates back 20 years now for reasons of my own connected to some things I knew about the way he operated as a Liberal operative thanks to a familial connection so I normally would not defend him, but in this case from what I can see he acted in good faith and rightly believed that this sort of thing should have been beyond the pale for anyone even remotely claiming to be a human being given the horrors associated with the Holocaust of the Jews, Gays, Gypsies, and developmentally challenged human beings in their eugenics program. There can be no excuse for this kind of conduct and anyone defending the actions of RE and KM in this have shown their own lack of humanity.

I'd say more but already I can feel my rage really starting to build and at the moment I cannot afford to allow that. I could not though let this go without comment on it even given my situation because of how serious an issue it so clearly is. Only the most sick twisted and disturbed kind of individuals could do something like this and/or defend it under any grounds.

Somena Woman said...

I bet predictably enough Stephen Taylor's response is going to be "We don't censor opinions on the Blogging Tories and if you find the material objectionable, or actionable, go report it to the proper authorities - but don't bug me with it because we are tolerant of just about anything here on the BT blogroll"

That's what Taylor basically said to those who questioned him after Kate had made several posts about Aboriginal people which were cringeworthy.

And people wondered why I got so freaked out about Kate and was so willing for so long to carry on the flamewars with her. Of course there was only 2 blogging tories who felt that her stuff was objectionable re Aboriginals - both of them quit, either blogging altogether or the Blogroll.