Sunday, February 10, 2008

Celestial Junk: Jumping the shark.

In the life of every right-wing, wankalicious blog comes a time when you finally realize that the author is a totally deranged fuckwit. Witness the delightful sharkjumpitude of Celestial Junk's Paul:

Surely: This Can't Be

I'm shocked, truly shocked, that burearucrats could get in the way of departmental directives. I've never heard of the such a thing ... honestly:

A Republican Party activist and former top GOP congressional aide who worked at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is harshly criticizing the U.S. diplomatic effort in Iraq, accusing American diplomats of gross and potentially criminal negligence and incompetence.

In a scathing 10-page memo to U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker this week, Manuel Miranda said the State Department is incapable of carrying out President Bush's policies in the country because its diplomats lack basic management skills.

Miranda, a Bush supporter who just completed a yearlong tour as a senior legislative adviser at the Baghdad embassy, skewered Crocker and his team for failing to understand the urgency of the situation, delaying critical measures and getting stuck in institutional red tape.

"We have brought to Iraq the worst of America, our bureaucrats," he wrote in the internal Feb. 5 memo that has been circulating in Washington. "You are simply not up to the task. The American and Iraqi people deserve better."

Manuel Miranda ... Miranda ... Miranda ... oh, right ... that Manuel Miranda:

MEMOGATE ROUNDUP....Last night I finished reading the Pickle report about those Republican staffers who pilfered Democratic memos from the Senate Judiciary Committee, and it turns out there's not much more there. Here are a few final comments:

  • Jason Lundell was the guy who actually pilfered the memos, but Manuel Miranda was the ringleader of the affair. Miranda knew that Lundell had already been told not to use Democratic material, but:

    Mr. Miranda's response, according to Mr. Lundell, was that everyone knew about the open access and that he did not have to follow the directions given to him by [his boss]. Furthermore, Mr. Lundell recalled that Mr. Miranda told him that Senator Hatch wanted the staff to use any means necessary to support President Bush's nominees.

    What a sweetheart. He seems to have mistaken Orrin Hatch's version of "any means necessary" with Tony Soprano's.

  • In fact, no one knew about the open access and there was no negligence on the part of the Democrats. They assumed their files were safe and they had every reason to think so. It was sloppiness on the part of the system administrator that left the files open. (And contrary to Miranda's obviously self-serving statement, nobody ever warned the sysadmin of this problem.)

  • Miranda's behavior was not only deceitful and unethical, but it was also potentially damaging to his own party. In a statement, he said, "Although I came to learn how to access two or three of those files easily enough, I did so few times and initially to ascertain that Democrats could access Republican files as well."

    In other words, he knew perfectly well that it was possible that Democrats were pilfering Republican files but didn't tell anyone about it. Would you want someone working for you who knew about a huge security hole in your own operation but didn't tell you about it?

And that would be Paul's source for a diatribe on "gross and potentially criminal negligence and incompetence."

And just when I thought those folks couldn't possibly get any stupider ...

, there's some delicious irony in a Bush administration official criticizing the competence of diplomats in Baghdad, given that it was that same administration that, once upon a time, sent in a bunch of utterly inexperienced children to try to run things in Baghdad.

For Miranda to now take cheap shots at the people trying to hold things together over there is the epitome of classless douchebaggery.

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