Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Another federal election? Bring it on, bitches.

It's amusing to hear Canada's whackjobs frothing at the mouth, begging for another shot at a federal election because, gosh darn it, they can just smell a majority if that happens. Oh, please, dear God, let that election happen because it would be the perfect opportunity to annihilate the federal Conservatives once and for all.

Can you imagine the advantage the opposition coalition would have in such an election? First, they could scour the results of the last one, cherry-pick the ridings in which the Con barely eked out a win, and put extra effort into those ridings. But, of course, that's not the best part.

If this coalition was serious, it could simply do the following: take each riding in which a Conservative was the victor, note whoever from a coalition party came in second, nominate that person for that riding and withdraw everyone else. Simple, no?

That would, of course, require genuine co-operation on the part of the coalition parties to accept that whoever among the coalition candidates got the most votes in each riding in the last election deserves to be the unopposed nominee in this one. It might force a few people to swallow their pride for the good of the coalition, but can you imagine the devastation as Conservatives go down in flames since the "Left" is no longer stupidly splitting their vote, letting the Cons sneak up the middle? Would someone like to run the numbers and see what the results would be based on the figures from the last election?

Oh, and one more advantage: It would give 3,667 NDP supporters in the riding of Saanich - Gulf Islands the chance to not be such unspeakable retards the second time around. But that would be just a bonus.


Red Tory said...

Stop reading my mind!!!

I was thinking of this last night. Perhaps, I thought, if nothing else, this might solve that whole "vote-splitting" problem. Doubtful, but it's nice to speculate.

CC said...

You were thinking that 3,667 NDP supporters from Saanich - Gulf Islands were unspeakable retards?


Robert McClelland said...

Great minds think alike or fools seldom differ. Take your pick.

Kusotarre said...

If they didn't run candidates against each other, we'd end up with the Libs being able to form a minority government, nullifying the need for a coalition, no?

Degenerasian said...

Good idea but these three parties are too proud. They'd never run as a coalition party in an election.

CC said...


I wasn't suggesting running as a coalition "party," only engaging in tactical nominating on a per-riding basis -- a much simpler proposition.

Degenerasian said...


So you would have ridings (in ontario for example) where there is a NDP candidate but not a Liberal one and vice versa?

Are you assuming that all Liberals votes would automatically go to the NDP person? That's a dangerous gamble to make because alot of Liberal voters maybe closer ideologically to the Conservatives than the NDP.

Plus it almost ensure a minority government. Are you going to have a Liberal-NDP coalition until the end of time?

Luna said...

The Saanich-Gulf Islands thing just bloody infuriates me. I live in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca (right next door, where a win was just barely had by the Liberal incumbent here, despite door to door campaigning by none other than Mrs. Harper -- I shit you not, the PM's wife did door to door campaigning here).

So I've asked some of these unspeakable retards why in the bloody fuck they'd vote for the NDP, given the situation. So far the answers have ranged from, "What?! I didn't hear about that!" to "I couldn't vote for any other party." (Bwuh?) to "I wanted the NDP to get the money for my vote".

*sigh* Unspeakable retards is right, indeed.